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Internet & Communications in Mozambique

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Mobile phones

The state-owned carrier is mCel, and the government has only licensed one other firm thus far, South African-owned Vodacom Mozambique. A third is said to be on the way. On mCel, GPRS (data and internet) is accessible, with 3G in Maputo and other major cities. The Internet APN is, and the WAP APN is, both with the IP address Vodacom provides 3G in several locations and GPRS Edge in others. Internet is the APN. Setup instructions may be found in your phone’s handbook. The mCel service is not completely dependable, particularly outside of Maputo. Vodacom is usually excellent. While it is acceptable to purchase credit from the hundreds of vendors roaming the streets wearing mCel or Vodacom t-shirts, you should never purchase SIM cards or starter packs as they are frequently sold at exorbitant prices and are frequently from one of the many recalled batches that no longer work. A functional starting pack may be purchased from any mobile phone shop for about 50Mts.


Internet connection is readily accessible in Maputo, with numerous internet cafés and all large hotels offering it. Both mCel and Vodacom have made internet access available via cellphones and USB modems. For further information, please see the section above. Outside of Maputo, internet access is patchy and mainly limited to tourist hotspots. Local Telecommunications de Mozambique (TDM) offices nearly always offer internet access, but speed and availability may be an issue.


Maputo has a plethora of FM stations that broadcast a wide range of music and discourse. Away from the city, Radio Mozambique can be heard in many locations, and the BBC World Broadcast has an English/Portuguese service in major towns. There are a plethora of tiny community radio stations that serve smaller towns and villages.

On 87.8 FM in Maputo and Matola, a new radio station named LM Radio (Lifetime Music Radio) transmits in English. The radio station plays music from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, as well as a mix of contemporary music in the same style and taste. Visitors to Mozambique may also get regular travel and safety advice from the radio station.