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Marrakech is a good starting point for exploring the High Atlas Mountains or organising one to four-day Sahara treks.


There are two types of hammam (steam baths) throughout Morocco.

The first one is a sightseeing hammam, where visitors can be pampered and rubbed out by experienced staff. As these are only advertised to tourists, they are the more expensive option with prices around 150 MAD for a hammam. Technically, they can’t be called proper hammams, but they are still enjoyable, especially for the shy. Your hotel can recommend a good one.

As for the second option, you can go to a “popular” hammam. A Popular Hammam is where locals usually go. You should check with the hotel staff to see where it is located.

In the popular hammams, you do everything yourself. To get the most out of the popular hammam, you will need to bring scrub mittens ( which you can get cheaply in the souk), a towel, and some extra underwear ( or you will end up soaking wet and you will have to bring it back with you). Popular hammams are often only recognisable by tiles on the door and entrance. If you don’t speak French or Arabic, it could be a daunting but at least a very memorable experience. Men and women either have separate session times or separate hammams.

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Nudity in a popular hammam is strictly forbidden for men, so be prepared to wear your underwear or a swimming costume. For women, you will see some wearing underwear and some going naked.

While you are in a popular hammam, you may be offered help and a massage by another person. It is important to remember that this massage is nothing more than a massage, with no other intentions. Sexual contact or the suggestion of sexual contact does not take place in these places. If you accept a massage, be prepared to reciprocate.

Normal entrance fees for a popular hammam are MAD7-15, a scrub costs around MAD30 and a massage another MAD30.