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Shopping In Marrakesh

MoroccoMarrakeshShopping In Marrakesh

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Along with the big souk (Arabic for “market”) close to the Djemaa El-Fna, there are several smaller souks around the city where a wide variety of things may be found. In most of them, you’ll have to haggle. Look for a broad variety of handcrafted candle-holding lanterns, as well as magnificent displays of local spices.

Most stores offer the same few things. However, if you go a bit farther out from El Fna, you will discover modest workshops staffed by true artisans producing handcrafted things. You will then be able to speak with the craftsmen who made the item you purchased. If you purchase shoes or clothing, you may get them altered. And there are a few shops that manufacture one-of-a-kind items that you won’t find anyplace else.

Argan oil, which is solely produced in Morocco, is utilized in Moroccan cookery as well as aesthetic treatments. If you appreciate its distinct nutty taste, look for it in the souks. Cooking oil costs about Dh 70 per 100 ml at your local supermarket, whereas real cosmetic oil costs over Dh 200.

Marrakech has a thriving tanning industry, and high-quality leather items may be purchased at a reasonable price. Camel leather products, such as coats, circular poufs, and purses, are very appealing.

Always ensure that there is no paper within the plate (sole in French) of the shoes since this is extremely frequent. Do not be deceived by demonstrations of how they bend the shoe and return it to its original place; test it yourself by feeling and hearing how the paper bends. You should not spend more than Dh 40 for a bad quality one and no more than Dh 90 for a decent one; look around and discover the difference between the two.

Items made of the native cactus silk, which is really rayon, a natural fabric formed of plant cellulose and manufactured in Morocco, would also be of interest. Rayon retains chemical dyes effectively, resulting in a brilliant variety of genuine colors (natural dyes cannot produce a “true” color). Scarves, purses, tablecloths, bedspreads, and blankets in vibrant hues are available. Some merchants attempt to demand a premium for this “cactus silk.” Check carefully since there are many fakes out there, and vendors will generally tell you any untruth to get you to pay a high amount.

Wander around the potters’ souk, looking for brilliantly colored platters and bowls, as well as tagines of various sizes.

With a little haggling, you can also get lovely cashmere scarves for less than a fiver.

If you don’t want to haggle, there are two government-run stores where you may purchase handicrafts at predetermined rates. Look for handmade boutiques. The first is near Djemaa El-Fna, while the second is in Ville Nouvelle.

How To Travel To Marrakesh

BY PLAINMarrakech-Menara Airport. Marrakech has an international airport with direct scheduled flights from several major European cities, including flights run by a number of low-cost airlines. Connections through Casablanca (45-minute flight) are also feasible.Easyjet. Flies to Marrakech from Manchester, Stansted and Gatwick Airport (and also from Madrid, from Lyon, Amsterdam...

How To Get Around In Marrakesh

Everything can be viewed on foot after you've arrived in the medina, albeit you'll be walking a lot. Brown, red, or green signs placed to poles or buildings indicate several tourist spots. Remember that many of these signs do not travel the proper path, and others seem to bring...

Districts & Neighbourhoods In Marrakesh

NameGeographic codeTypeHouseholdsPopulation (2004)Foreign populationMoroccan populationMechouar Kasba351.01.01.Municipality4548221114822063Annakhil351.01.03.Arrondissement109685411123353878Gueliz351.01.05.Arrondissement370301731012135170966Marrakech-Medina351.01.07.Arrondissement35929167233361166872Menara351.01.09.Arrondissement57403281663568281095Sidi Youssef Ben Ali351.01.11.Arrondissement2377612493534124901Alouidane351.03.01.Rural commune3794209255120874Harbil351.03.03.Rural commune289317007017007M'Nabha351.03.05.Rural commune189511755111754Oulad Hassoune351.03.09.Rural commune3504191882619162Ouled Dlim351.03.11.Rural commune209314747014747Agafay351.05.01.Rural commune189211079111078Ait Imour351.05.03.Rural commune199412164012164Loudaya351.05.05.Rural commune4770269991326986Saada351.05.07.Rural commune7206390711739054Sid Zouine351.05.09.Rural commune218911631511626Souihla351.05.11.Rural commune332119295219293Tassoultante351.05.13.Rural commune60623013732NEIGHBOURHOODS OF MARRAKECHThe following are some of the city's neighborhoods: Bab Ghmat, Arset El Baraka, Arset Moulay Bouaza, Djane Ben Chogra, Arset El Houta, Bab...

Prices In Marrakesh

Tourist (Backpacker) - 35 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:meals in cheap restaurant, public transport, cheap hotel.Tourist (regular) - 93 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:mid-range meals and drinks,transportation, hotel.Djellaba, long coat with hood for men, made of...

Sights & Landmarks In Marrakesh

In terms of sights and activities, Marrakech has a lot to offer. A whole day may be spent scouring the several souks for the best bargains. The city has a number of historical and architectural sites, as well as numerous famous museums.Djemaa El-FnaA must-see on every Marrakech night. This...

Museums & Galleries In Marrakesh

Marrakech Museum +212 24 44 18 93. 09:00-18:30. MAD 40, MAD 50 including the Ben Youssef Madrasa.Musée de la Palmeraie Dar Tounsi, Route de Fès ("Located in the south of the Palmeraie, it is considerably off the major tourist pathways; travel time is around an hour in either direction. You must take a...

Things To Do In Marrakesh

The MedinaThe city's historic area.Djemaa El-Fna is the Medina's central plaza. It is encircled by an infinite maze of souks (bazaars) and alleyways that encompass the whole Medina. Djemma El-Fna is a must-see due to the constant presence of snake charmers, acrobats, soothsayers, as well as musicians and food...

Food & Restaurants In Marrakesh

Surrounded by lemon, orange, and olive groves, the city's cuisine is rich and heavily spiced but not hot, utilizing various preparations of Ras el hanout (which translates as "Head of the shop"), a blend of dozens of spices including ash berries, chilli, cinnamon, grains of paradise, monk's pepper, nutmeg,...

Coffee & Drinks in Marrakesh

For Dh 4, street sellers sell fresh orange juice (jus d'Orange) by the glass. Attempt it with a pinch of salt, like the natives do, but be aware of merchants who try to dilute the juice with tap water. Also, take careful when you purchase since they have two...

Nightlife In Marrakesh

In the Medina, there is a fairly restricted range of locations that offer alcohol.Chesterfield Pub (Bar Anglais), 115 Avenue Mohammed V (In the Hotel Nassim). 09:00-01:00. An unique experience, purportedly a 'English bar,' it drinks Moroccan beer and features an outdoor pool in a courtyard with palm palms, not totally English. It's not as...

Festivals & Events In Marrakesh

Festivals, both national and Islamic, are celebrated in Marrakesh and across the country, and some of them are honored as national holidays. The National Folklore Festival, the Marrakech Festival of Popular Arts (at which a range of prominent Moroccan singers and artists participate), and the Berber Festival are all...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Marrakesh

Marrakech is a secure city with a strong police presence. However, like with anything, remaining aware of your surroundings and adopting normal safety measures is always a good idea.While violent crime is seldom a serious issue, thefts sometimes occur. Secure and conceal your money, and avoid poorly lit streets...



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