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Internet & Communications in Morocco

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Public telephones are found in city centres, but private telephone offices (also called teleboutiques or telekiosks) are also common. The international dialling code (for dialling out of the country) is 00. All numbers are ten digits long, counting the initial 0, and the whole number must be dialled within the same area code even for local calls.

You can get a prepaid card (télécarte) for public phones (MAD5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dirhams). The prices are very reasonable. E.g. for the Maroc Telecom card it is MAD0.50/min to any phone in most Western European countries, MAD3/min to Eastern Europe and North America, and mobile phones in Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway.

Useful numbers

Police: 19

Fire brigade: 15

Motorway emergency service: 177

Domestic directory: 160

International Directory: 120

Telegrams and telephone: 140

Intercity operator: 100


The mobile phone network in Morocco can be used via one of the major operators: Meditel, Inwi or Maroc Telecom. Network coverage is generally good, at least in populated areas, but mostly in rural areas. SIM cards are available from MAD 25 including airtime and data. The rate is national: MAD 3-4, to Europe about MAD 10, SMS MAD 3. You can easily buy prepaid cards in the operators’ shops (ID required, both for citizens and non-citizens); they also offer internet access if you want it (you can get 10 GB for only about $10). For more information on available services, network coverage and roaming partners, see: GSMWorld. Note that roaming with international cards from most countries is very expensive, so think about buying a local card.


Post offices in Morocco tend to be generally reliable, offering post stante services in major cities for a small fee. You will need identification (preferably your passport) to collect your mail.

Items sent as freight are checked at the post office before being sent. So wait until this is done before sealing the box.

Do not drop off postcards at the small post office at Marrakech airport, as they are never delivered, even though you take your money for stamps. Street-side letterboxes seemed to be a more reliable way to send postcards.

E-mail & Internet

Moroccans have really discovered the internet. Internet cafés are open late into the night and are numerous in cities and smaller towns that get a lot of tourist traffic. Prices are around MAD4-10 per hour and they are often located next to, above or below telekiosk offices. Speeds are acceptable to excellent in the north, but can be a little slow in rural areas. You can print and burn CDs at most internet cafés for a small fee.

Moroccans have also really embraced 3G and 4G/LTE coverage. There is excellent access to email and internet via mobile phones and it is relatively cheap. There is 3G access in the mountains and desert, as well as in all cities. You can easily use the mobile internet network by buying a prepaid card.