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Festivals & Events in Morocco

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The biggest event in the Moroccan calendar is the month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast during the day and break their fast at sunset. Most restaurants are closed at lunchtime (with the exception of those catering specifically to tourists), and things generally slow down. Travelling during this time is perfectly possible, and the restrictions do not apply to non-Muslims, but it is respectful not to eat, drink or smoke in public during the fast. At the end of the month is the Eid al-Fitr holiday, when virtually everything is closed for up to a week and transport is crowded as everyone heads home. Alcohol consumption is not forbidden for tourists during Ramadan; there are some restaurants and bars that serve alcohol. Alcohol can also be bought in a supermarket, but only if a tourist shows his passport to the staff, as Moroccans are not allowed to buy or consume alcohol during the holy month.

Public holidays

DateEnglish nameLocal nameDescription
Muharram 1Muslim New YearFatih Muharram
Rabi’ al-awwal 12Birth of the Prophet MuhammadEid Al Mawled
Shavwal 1Eid ul-FitrEid Sghir
Dhu al-Hijjah 10Eid ul-AdhaEid Kbir
1 JanuaryNew Year’s DayRas l’ âm
January 11Proclamation of independenceTakdim watikat al-istiqlal
1 MayLabour DayEid Ash-Shughl
30 JulyEnthronementEid Al-Ârch
August 14Oued Ed-Dahab DayZikra Oued Ed-Dahab
August 20Revolution of the King and the PeopleThawrat al malik wa shâab
August 21Youth DayEid Al ChababBirthday of King Mohammed VI.
November 6Green MarchEid Al Massira Al Khadra
November 18Independence DayEid Al IstiqulalMorocco’s National Day
December 25Christmas DayEid Almalid