Saturday, September 18, 2021

Visa & Passport Requirements for Mauritius

AfricaMauritiusVisa & Passport Requirements for Mauritius

Nationals of many countries, including Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and most other OECD countries, do not need a visa in advance. For more information, visit the Passport and Immigration website.

If you need a visa to enter Mauritius, you may be able to apply for one at a British embassy, high commission or consulate in the country where you are legally resident if there is no Mauritius diplomatic mission. For example, the British embassies in Al Khobar, Amman, Belgrade, Guatemala City, Jakarta, Jeddah, Pristina, Rabat, Riyadh, Rome and Sofia accept Mauritius visa applications (this list is not exhaustive). British diplomatic missions charge GBP 50 for processing a Mauritius visa application and an additional GBP 70 if the authorities in Mauritius require the visa application to be forwarded to them. The Mauritius authorities also may charge an extra fee for communicating directly with you.