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How To Travel Through Mauritius

AfricaMauritiusHow To Travel Through Mauritius

Buses and taxis are excellent options for getting around There are also bicycles and motorbikes for hire.

With plane

  • Air Mauritius flies daily between Plaisance Airport and Rodrigues (flight time – 1 hour 15 minutes).

With the helicopter

Helicopters are available for transfers and sightseeing tours

With car

A main motorway runs from north to south, otherwise a good network of paved, if sometimes narrow, roads covers the island. Traffic drives on the left-hand side.

There are many car rental companies, including large international and independent companies. Prices vary widely, starting at 800 MUR per day. To be on the safe side, visitors with comprehensive insurance should rent cars from companies that have a tourism business licence. These cars can be recognised by their yellow number plates, while private cars have black number plates. If you rent a car at the airport, remember that you will have to pay a fee of 20 MUR when leaving the car park, which must be paid in cash.

The driver must be at least 18 years old. Speed limits are 110km/h (68mph) on the motorway and 50km/h (31mph) in built-up areas. Seat belts are compulsory. Foreign driving licences are accepted.

The following table gives approximate travel times (in hours and minutes) from Port Louis to other major cities/places/resorts in Mauritius.

  • Curepipe 0:20
  • Grand Baie, North 0:30
  • Mahebourg, Southeast 0:45
  • Flic-en-Flac, West 0:30

With bus

Several quite good bus lines operate on the island. The most economical way to travel is by bus. Air-conditioned buses have recently been introduced on some routes.

The main bus companies are:

  • National Transport Corporation (NTC), +230 426 2938.
  • United Bus Service (UBS), +230 212 2026.
  • Mauritius Bus Transport (MTB), Long Mountain, +230 245 2539.
  • Triolet Bus Service (TBS), +230 261 6725.
  • Others. Other smaller companies have amusing names like Apollo and Turbo. In late 2014, local buses were available at the SSR airport car park. Cheap & following more interesting routes than the luxury buses, but of course slower. edit

The buses are manned by a driver and a conductor who runs around collecting fares and handing out tickets after passengers have boarded. Most conductors are helpful in giving directions to tourists. In the local Creole dialect, conductors are called con-tro-lair (literally controller).

Bus routes and timetables are available from the Ministry of Transport [www] and Mauritius Buses [www], which lists all major operators and their schedules.

Try to pay with small notes, otherwise the conductor may not have enough change. Deliberately inflated prices for tourists are not common.

With Taxi

Taxis are the perfect way to explore the island. Various tours are available from MUR2,500: The Sacred Lake, Chamarel 7 coloured earth, Le Morne, dolphin tours in Tamarin and Ile aux cerfs are among the most appreciated by visitors.

Taxis in Mauritius do not use a taximeter. Negotiate the price of your ride before you get into a taxi; otherwise you may have to pay too much.

With the boat

  • Coraline, +230 208 5900, fax: +230 210 5176, email: [email protected] Sails once a week from Port Louis Harbour to Rodrigues Island and Reunion Island. Two ships operate on the Reunion route: the Mauritius Pride, which was launched in 1991, and the Mauritius Troquetia, which started its service in 2001, with Madagascar as a homeport. Both ships are used as passenger and container vessels.