Friday, September 10, 2021

Money & Shopping in Mauritania

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Souvenirs may be purchased at Nouakchott’s Marche Capital and Marche Sixieme, as well as tourist stores in the Adrar. Although the fabric will be sold in shops throughout the nation, Kaedi is known for its tie-dying.

In general, the quality of most Mauritanian souvenirs falls short of expectations. Leather goods, pipes, hardwood bowls, tea pots, and silver jewelry are among the items available (be careful with the quality of jewellery). Fabric, on the other hand, is hand-dyed and may be very lovely. Fabric will be offered as a mulafa (veil), which is typically gauzy and comes in one piece, or as boubou fabric, which comes in two parts for a skirt and top. Cloth may be purchased for anywhere from MRO1,500 and MRO8,000, depending on the quality of the fabric and the amount of labor required.

Always negotiate when purchasing anything in Mauritania. The beginning price is sometimes three times the final amount. Maintain a pleasant demeanor, but don’t be concerned about offending anybody by requesting a lesser price.