Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Mali

AfricaMaliThings To See in Mali

Sadly, during their control of Timbuktu, a radical Islamist group substantially damaged the renowned shrines of Timbuktu and the Muhave. The first wave of demolition took place in June-July 2012, and soon after the AU intervention’s plans were authorized, they promised to demolish every last mausoleum, shrine, and “blasphemous” (in their opinion) symbol News. According to reports, Askia’s tomb in Gao has also been demolished. After the rebels are defeated, there are plans to restore these sites, but for now, Mali’s most famous destination is in ruins. It’s possible that the information on Wikivoyage, as well as most guides and other publications, hasn’t been updated since these occurrences.

The Great Mosque is the largest mosque in the world. The Great Mosque, which was built entirely of mud in 1906, has five floors and three towers. The Mosque is replastered every spring. Non-Muslims are unfortunately not permitted in. This ban seems to be the result of a fashion picture session that occurred more than ten years ago and was deemed “pornographic” by the residents.