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Stay Safe & Healthy in Malawi

AfricaMalawiStay Safe & Healthy in Malawi

Stay Safe in Malawi

Malawi has long been regarded as “Africa’s Warm Heart,” with Malawians renowned for their warmth and hospitality. Malawi is not a particularly hazardous place to visit for foreigners and expats from the West. Muggings and robberies have been reported in the major cities, particularly Lilongwe, as well as at a few well-known locations along the main tourist routes. It’s best to avoid walking alone late at night. If you’re heading out for the evening, be sure you have a plan for getting home. Carjackings do happen, so keep windows closed and doors locked during evening and night journeys (though night driving is not recommended – most cars have broken headlights, and Malawians tend to walk in the middle of the road at night), and exercise reasonable caution as you would in any foreign city or rural area. Because many drivers are unlicensed and unskilled, and many cars are not inspection-ready, the roads are less safe; there is also the risk of drunk driving, particularly in the nights, so be careful. However, half of the taxi drivers you may encounter at night will be inebriated…

Pickpockets have become more common at nightclubs and pubs in recent years. Just be cautious and don’t bring too much money, cameras, or other valuables. Don’t bring a lot of money since 10 drinks will only cost you MK2500.

Because homosexuality is illegal in Malawi, gay couples should take caution while visiting the country. The liberation of a gay couple recently imprisoned for homosexuality and condemned to 14 years of hard labor required a presidential pardon.

Stay Healthy in Malawi

Malaria may be a concern, as it is in its neighboring nations. The lake is freshwater and prone to bilharzia, particularly around Cape Maclear. Bilharzia symptoms may take months to appear. If you suspect you’ve been exposed, you may buy a very inexpensive medication from a local pharmacy that will destroy it before it ever appears. It’s an excellent idea to take care of this before leaving Malawi, since it will cost a lot more back home.

Adult HIV prevalence in the nation is 1 in 7 adults, or 14 percent. Do not engage in unprotected sexual activity. Injecting narcotics is not a good idea.

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