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Destinations in Malawi

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Cities in Malawi

  • Lilongwe – Malawi’s political capital and government seat
  • Blantyre – Economic hub and biggest city with a lively street and market culture, a busy downtown, excellent nightlife and music, a variety of hotels from the opulent to the squalid, and a range of hotels from the opulent to the squalid.
  • Karonga – The beautiful hamlet of Misuku is located between the fascinating Misuku Hills and Lake Malawi, and it is rapidly expanding as a result of the recent construction of a uranium mine.
  • Mangochi – On the route to peninsular Cape Maclear, this medium-sized town, previously known as Fort Johnston, serves as a jumping-off point for resorts and hostels along the Lake Malawi shore.
  • Monkey Bay – As you go along the Lake Road from Mangochi toward Cape Maclear, you’ll pass through this popular big hamlet.
  • Nkhata Bay – a rocky cove to the north of the lake where you may stay in one of the lodges and stay for a while
  • Nkhotakota on the shores of Lake Malawi in the Central Region, is where the explorer David Livingston sat down with the Swahili Arab slave traders to attempt to negotiate an end to the slave trade. Nkhotakota was a slave entrepôt, from which slaves were ferried across Lake Malawi to the eastern shore to resume their travel over land to what is now the Tanzanian coast. Nkhotakota is a compact and fascinating town, old in its way and true to the ethnic diversity of this region of Malawi.
  • Zomba – Malawi’s ancient colonial capital, known for its British colonial architecture, the University of Malawi, and the spectacular Zomba Plateau, which rises to the west of the city.

Other destinations in Malawi

  • Cape Maclear – On the point of a peninsula extending out into the southern part of Lake Malawi, there lies a laid-back fishing hamlet. The Cape is a popular destination for travelers, boaters, and sunseekers because of its beautiful sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea. Visitors should be aware that this region is renowned for having a high prevalence of schistosomiasis.
  • Kuti community Wildlife Park – On Salima Road, 90 kilometers from Lilongwe, you will get closer to zebra than anyplace else in Africa.
  • Likoma and Chisumulu Islands – There’s a lot of marine life here, and it’s close to Mozambique. These islands are only accessible to tourists by private boat or the public ferry, which only runs 1-2 times per week and is the only way for locals to ship supplies to and from the islands; thus, if you take the ferry to or from Nkhata Bay, purchase a deck or cabin ticket unless you want to be fully immersed in the Malawian transporter’s way of life.
  • Mua
  • Zomba Plateau

National Parks and Forest Reserves in Malawi

  • Lake Malawi National Park
  • Liwonde National Park – 550 km2 of undeveloped woodland along the Shire River’s banks. The town of Liwonde is the ideal place to start your journey to the national park. A half-hour boat trip up the Shire will reveal some of the region’s amazing wildlife, including hippopotamuses, elephants, and fish eagles.
  • Majete Wildlife Park
  • Mount Mulanje is the highest mountain south of Kilimanjaro and a popular destination for climbers trying to reach Sapitwa Peak, Mulanje’s tallest peak. The reserve is part of the Mulanje Mountain Forest Reserve.
  • Nyika National Park – The Nyika Plateau, at 1800 meters above sea level, is home to Malawi’s largest national park.
  • Ntchisi Forest Reserve – Beautiful rainforest in a remote, undeveloped region