Saturday, September 18, 2021

Culture Of Malawi

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Malawi’s biggest asset is its people, who are warm, inviting, colorful, and lively. It is difficult to visit and not get involved with the people, but there are now chances to spend time in actual villages (including overnight stays) to gain a firsthand understanding of the customs, traditions, and everyday lives of the people. This is a viable alternative almost everywhere in Malawi, and one that should be pursued.

There’s also much to see about Malawi’s past, starting with the Karonga district’s prehistoric remnants and the Stone Age rock drawings at Dedza. Karonga’s Cultural & Museum Centre is definitely worth a visit. At other places, structures from the David Livingstone era have been maintained, and the suppression of the Arab slave trade is extensively recorded in Blantyre’s museums. A Lake Museum in Mangochi, a Mission Museum in Livingstonia, and a Postal Services Museum in Zomba are among the country’s other museums.