Friday, September 10, 2021

Things To See in Libya

AfricaLibyaThings To See in Libya

Tripoli, Libya’s vibrant capital, is a wonderful place to start seeing the nation, since it still has its ancient walled medina to visit, as well as the fascinating Red Castle Museum, which contains exhibits on many aspects of the region’s history. Despite its growth as a tourist attraction, this is still a distinctively North African city, with a variety of magnificent mosques and spectacular fountains and sculptures to remind visitors of its historic significance in the Ottoman Empire. Leptis Magna (‘Arabic: ), formerly a major Roman city, is located 130 kilometers from the capital. Its remains may be seen at Al Khums, near the mouth of the Wadi Lebda, on the seashore. The location is one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful and pristine Roman remains. Cyrene, a historic colony established in 630 BC as a settlement of Greeks from the Greek island of Theraand, is another must-see. In the reign of Sulla (c. 85 BC), it was a Roman city, and it is today an archaeological site between the villages of Shahhat and Albayda.

The wide Sahara offers some incredible natural experiences, including picture-perfect oasis such as Ubari. Ghadames, a Unesco World Heritage Site, was originally a Phoenician trading town, and the remains of its ancient theatre, church, and temples are still popular tourist destinations today. The Acacus Mountains, a desert mountain range with sand dunes and dramatic ravines, provide breathtaking scenery. The region has also been designated as a Unesco World Heritage Site due to the many cave paintings of animals and mankind discovered here.