Friday, September 10, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Libya

AfricaLibyaLanguage & Phrasebook in Libya

The official language is Standard Arabic, although Libyan Arabic is the native tongue. It’s essential to remember that Arabic and Chinese languages are mutually incomprehensible, but since Libyans study Standard Arabic in school, international Arabs should be able to communicate. Because of access to Italian television, English is widely understood, particularly among young residents of Tripoli. Older people are more likely to speak Italian as a result of Libya’s Italian colonial past, and even among younger people, Italian is the second most widely spoken foreign language after English. Italian influences Libyan Arabic, as shown by words like “semaforo” (traffic light) and “benzina” (gasoline).

In many tiny cities, other languages, like as Berber and Touareg, are spoken. Multilingual speakers of such languages will frequently be able to communicate in Libyan Arabic as well as Standard Arabic.