Saturday, September 18, 2021

Visa & Passport Requirements for Liberia

AfricaLiberiaVisa & Passport Requirements for Liberia

To apply for a Liberian visa, you’ll need a letter of invitation and proof of yellow fever vaccine. A 3-month visa costs US$131 for US citizens and US$100 for everyone else. Multiple-entry visas for one, two, and three years are also available. The embassy in Conakry has been relocated to Kipe, a town outside of town. The embassy in Freetown offers same-day service with minimal fuss. When traveling overland, they will stamp the length of your stay in your passport, so don’t tell them too few days when they ask, otherwise you’ll have to pay US$20 to extend your visa at the immigration office on Broad Street in Monrovia (though they will probably ask for more).

Regardless of visa validity, all visitors must extend their visa at the immigration office on Broad Street within 30 days of arrival.