Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Liberia

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Human face rock known as ‘Blo Degbo’ in Paynesville, Liberia (Note: this is not a developed tourist destination, so make sure it is a safe place to visit)

Rain forests are typically located in isolated locations, and although most are distinctive and have many appealing characteristics, others are dangerous due to their fauna.

There are many beaches in the Monrovia area. After the ELWA intersection, out towards the airport, is ELWA beach, which is situated within a complex and has a designated safe swimming area, a clean beach, and a lot of families on weekends. However, there are no amenities. Thinkers (pronounced Tinkers) is a little farther along with a food and drink service, but the waves are a little rough here and it is not safe to go too far up or down the beach. CE CE beach, on the opposite side of the bridge, is well-equipped with palm umbrellas, beverages service, and a buffet, as well as a well-protected swimming area.

Robertsport provides a taste of Liberia’s cultural heritage as well as clean, gorgeous beaches for a fun day excursion. For those who want to spend the night on the beach, a group of South Africans has set up a tent camp, and the UN is also providing lodgings on a first-come, first-served basis. Be wary of the high tides.

Buchanan, a few hours’ drive from Monrovia, also has beautiful beaches and a variety of restaurants and guest accommodations.