Saturday, September 18, 2021

Money & Shopping in Liberia

AfricaLiberiaMoney & Shopping in Liberia

Beautiful masks are well-known in Liberia. Masks are for sale at hotels and UN buildings. They will cost you about LRD25 after negotiating (depending on the size etc.)

Liberia has some lovely patterned fabric. It is offered in lapas (typically two), each of which is 2 yards long. Three lapas of the highest grade, made of genuine wax, will set you back approximately LRD15. The Abi Jaoudi, Xclusive superstore, situated downtown, the ERA Mall, Stop n Shop, Payless Center, and the Sinkor Xclusive, all in the Sinkor Suburb, and the Save Way Supermarket at the ELWA Junction are among the contemporary and technical supermarkets or malls. The Sinkor Suburb, which has become Monrovia’s new mid-town, is flanked with excellent hotels and restaurants.

Money & Banking

Credit cards can only be used in a few ways. Bring US dollars in cash (most transactions in Western companies are done in USD) or use Moneygram or Western Union to send money. Many foreigners utilize the Ecobank on Randall Street. Accept any Liberian Dollars given to you as change since it will be helpful to have some on hand for minor transactions, but once you have a small amount, make sure you get your dollars back (except when your change is less than a dollar, they use local currency in lieu of coins).


For a visitor, Liberia may be extremely costly or very cheap, depending on the facilities desired.