Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Liberia

AfricaLiberiaFood & Drinks in Liberia

Eating Liberian cuisine may be both pleasurable and economical. Liberian dishes like palm butter, cassava leaf, potato greens, chock rice, and jollof rice won’t break the bank (US$2-3 with a drink). The portions are typically very large. Fufu (fermented bread produced from the cassava plant) and soup are another famous local meal (the most common are goat soup and pepper soup). Fruit and snacks may also be purchased from street sellers around Monrovia for those who like to dine on the move. For LRD5-20 (about US$0.10-0.30), you may get peanuts, fried plantain chips, roasted ears of corn or plantains, bananas, mangos, and other fruits. The different breads offered fresh baked in the morning are very excellent. Some of the loaves are similar to banana bread, while others are more like corn bread. All of them are excellent, although a little greasy.

Club beer is a popular drink that can be found almost everywhere. Gin made in the area is also available.

On most street corners, you can buy bottled water in a bag. It is intended to be filtered and safe, however this cannot be confirmed. To be safe, drink only bottled water. Bottled water is available at every store, restaurant, or Total petrol station.