Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Do in Kenya

AfricaKenyaThings To Do in Kenya
  • Observe wildlife migration. Go on safari in the country’s many parks and reserves. If you have a busy schedule, go on safari in Nairobi National Park, which is less than 20 minutes drive from Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD). Main attractions : Big cats like lions and leopards, buffalo, a variety of antelope species, baboons, monkeys and more.
  • If you prefer to spend some time on the urban social scene, you might consider attending music and cultural events such as Blankets and Wine, where various international and local artists perform in a picnic atmosphere so that families and friends can enjoy African talent. The event takes place once a month in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi (every first Sunday of the month).
  • The Rift Valley Festival combines a camping experience with a sampling of cultural and musical flavours from across the country and abroad.
  • The Samosa Festival is an event that aims to significantly integrate Asian and African culture in the country. A significant percentage of the urban population is of Asian (Indian) origin and existed before independence. Their immigration was triggered by the construction of the railway.

This event will present culinary delights from both cultures, poetry and literature (spoken and written), music and games.

  • The week-long Maulid Festival can only be held in the coastal region, especially in the timeless town of Lamu, where the majority of the population is Muslim. It is the only event that everyone in the region is looking forward to.
  • The three big cities also have a number of nightclubs that play local and international music. Although the experience can be exhilarating, it is advisable to enjoy it in the company of a guide or trusted local. As in any other country with a nightlife, nightclubs also attract unreliable partygoers and clubbers, but this should not spoil your experience, as nightclubs are also popular meeting places for singles and new friends.