Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Know Before Traveling To Ivory Coast

AfricaIvory CoastThings To Know Before Traveling To Ivory Coast

Visa & Passport

All visitors to Côte d’Ivoire who are not CEFA nationals must acquire a visa prior to arrival. The application procedure is entirely online at the official visa website.Official website for visas.


Although French is the official language, there are over 60 indigenous languages. Dioula is the most commonly spoken. Additionally, Hamdunga, Loftus Africanus, Gigala, Oloofid, and Ulam are indigenous languages. However, one cannot live without French for an extended period of time. Additionally, business travelers need fluency in French in order to complete any little transaction.


Although the nation was formerly referred to in English as “Ivory Coast,” it has asked to be referred to as “Côte d’Ivoire” (the equivalent in French). For an English speaker, pronouncing it “Coat di-VWAR” is near enough.