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Sights & Landmarks In Grand-Bassam

Ivory CoastGrand-BassamSights & Landmarks In Grand-Bassam

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  • Cathédrale du Sacré Cœur.The French erected this beautiful temple of worship in 1910, and it was refurbished in 2004.
  • Centre Céramique, Rue Bouët.Ceramics and pottery are possibly Grand-most Bassam’s important businesses, after tourism. This is a museum of Ivorian traditional ceramics as well as an exhibition space for local craftsmen’ work.
  • Mairie de Grand-Bassam (Town Hall), Boulevard Gouverneur Angoulvant.A French colonial structure that has just been repaired.
  • Musée National du Costume (Costume Museum). This architectural jewel, housed in the old French governor’s mansion, is one of the town’s great attractions, with its huge exterior staircase. Its exceptional collection of traditional costumes, masks, jewelry, and ethnographic images offers a fascinating glimpse into Ivory Coast’s culture and history, both during and after colonial times. The museum’s 4000m2 space also exhibits a variety of publications, traditional home models, and life-size dance sets. Consider hiring a guide for further information if your budget permits. 1000 CFA.
  • Old Post Office. An exquisite structure that has just been repaired. It is no longer used as a post office.
  • Palais de Justice (Law Courts). It was built in 1910 and used as a court until 1954. This edifice has not fared as well as the other French colonial constructions, and it is said to be beyond repair.
  • Maison des Artistes. Unlike several other buildings in town, the name of this bright structure accurately indicates its purpose. You may observe local sculptors and other artists at work, as well as view and purchase their works, at this “home of the arts.”

How To Travel To Grand-Bassam

Grand-Bassam is 45 kilometers east of Abidjan and takes 45 minutes to get by car. Bush taxis from Abidjan's Gare de Bassam are the most affordable alternative, costing about CFA 500. Buses, which depart from Abidjan's Gare Routière d'Adjamé for CFA 500, are another option. The gare routière (bus station) in...

How To Get Around In Grand-Bassam

The town is essentially separated into two half. The historic French town of Ancien Bassam, on the south side of the Ébrié Lagoon, is home to the majority of the colonial buildings and attractions. Nouveau Bassam, which arose out of the ancient servant quarters to become the primary commercial...

Prices In Grand-Bassam

MARKET / SUPERMARKET Milk1 liter$1.97Tomatoes1 kg$1.70Cheese0.5 kg$5.50Apples1 kg$Oranges1 kg$Beer (domestic)0.5 l$1.03Bottle of Wine1 bottle$9.50Coca-Cola2 liters$2.22Bread1 piece$0.74Water1.5 l$0.85 RESTAURANTS Dinner (Low-range)for 2$Dinner (Mid-range)for 2$Dinner (High-range)for 2$Mac Meal or similar1 meal$Water0.33 l$Cappuccino1 cup$2.90Beer (Imported)0.33 l$2.70Beer (domestic)0.5 l$Coca-Cola0.33 l$1.70Coctail drink1 drink$ RESTAURANTS Dinner (Low-range)for 2$Dinner (Mid-range)for 2$Dinner (High-range)for 2$Mac Meal or similar1 meal$Water0.33 l$Cappuccino1 cup$2.90Beer (Imported)0.33 l$2.70Beer (domestic)0.5 l$Coca-Cola0.33 l$1.70Coctail drink1...

Food & Restaurants In Grand-Bassam

As previously mentioned, there are several dining alternatives in and around the central market, as well as hotel restaurants. The "marquis" restaurants along the northern, lagoon edge of Ancien Bassam, which offer local and traditional African food, are a more fascinating option. The price is reasonable, ranging between CFA...

Things To Do In Grand-Bassam

Swim at Grand-Bassam Beach. Ancien Bassam's beach is particularly famous among Ivorians. The place is bustling on weekends, but you can have it all to yourself during the week. Strong currents and a lack of lifeguards should be avoided.Canoe trips. It is possible to arrange for some local boatmen to take...

Nightlife In Grand-Bassam

Most hotels and even eateries have their own bars, which are popular with residents during the week and weekend visitors from Abidjan. There are a few nightclubs in the town's north end, including: Épilogue (Grand-Bassam, Rue Congo en face du Trésor Public),  (+225) 07 18 50 15. 18:30-05:00. The first Bassam's nightclub featuring audio...



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