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Food & Drinks in Ivory Coast

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Food in Ivory Coast

Good food is inexpensive, and Abidjan has a number of excellent eateries. You should obtain a Hepatitis A vaccination before going, although even street food is very clean. Garba, alloco, and attiéké are some of the national foods to try. Alloco consists of fried plantains served with a spicy vegetable sauce and cooked eggs. L’attiéké, a sour cassava dish that looks like couscous but tastes like it, is a must-try with grilled fish and veggies (tomatoes, onions, cucumber). Braised fish and fowl are also delicious and can be found on almost every street corner. Coq Ivoire is the most well-known chain. Make sure to specify if you want the intestines when placing your purchase. You may always request more veggies, particularly avocados, which are particularly delicious throughout the season. Another specialty is the delicious “shoukouilla,” a charbroiled beef mix! The Hamburger House or the French restaurant of the Sofitel Hotel are suitable for those who are not adventurous. Kedjenou is a spicy dish that is famous in the region.

Drinks in Ivory Coast

Western travelers may want to bring a security detail while attending pubs and nightclubs. Zone 4 or Zone Quatre is home to Bidul Bar, Havana Club, and others. If you go attend, be cautious of prostitutes who may approach you. There are more locations in Treicheville and Cocody, but you need arrange for private transportation or hail a taxi. If you must drive at night, do not come to a complete stop at lights or stop signs. Keep an eye out for vehicle thieves. Maintain a rapid speed to avoid being carjacked.