Saturday, September 18, 2021

Destinations in Ivory Coast

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Regions in Ivory Coast

Lagunes (Abidjan) are the coastal lagoons that surround Abidjan’s de facto capital.

Northern Savanna (Bouaké, Comoe National Park), a mainly Muslim region controlled by rebel “New Forces” in recent years.

The tropical wet forest region inhabited by the Kru people near the Liberian border (Ta National Park, Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve) is known as the Southwestern Forests (Ta National Park, Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve).

The partly farmed region between Lac de Kossou and the Ghanaian border is known as the Eastern Plantations (Yamoussoukro).

Cities in Ivory Coast

  • Abidjan – It is still the administrative center, and other nations’ embassies are still located there.
  • Korhogo – Flowing cotton and cashew trade make Rebel HQ, which is otherwise beautiful, a hive of activity from February to May.
  • Aboisso – A significant milestone in the commercial route between Abidjan and Ghana.
  • Bouaké – the second largest city
  • Dabou
  • San Pedro – the second port city
  • Yamoussoukro – It is not the administrative center, despite the fact that it has been the formal capital since 1983.
  • Grand-Bassam – A seaside town with historical beauty that is often used as a weekend getaway for local Ivorians looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Abidjan.