Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Travel To Guinea

AfricaGuineaHow To Travel To Guinea

By plane

Royal Air Maroc (RAM) flies to Conakry (CKY) through Casablanca from a number of European cities. RAM offers the sole direct route from Montréal to Africa (Casablanca, with a layover in New York) as well as a number of connections from Casablanca to Conakry (also known as Kry) and other destinations.

Air France and SN Brussels fly from Paris, France, and Brussels, Belgium, respectively. Air Ivoire and Belvue both fly to Conakry from Abidjan on their way to Dakar. Airport security is likely to ask for a “present.”

By train

Although freight trains still operate between Conakry and Kankan, passenger trains are no longer in service in Guinea. The ancient station in Conakry’s downtown area is well worth a visit.

By car

Travel between Guinea and Liberia was secure in 2008, but it took a long time. One of the greatest alternatives is to rent a motorbike.

It is feasible to cross the Guinean-Senegalese border, although it is difficult and time-consuming. The route between Labe and Koundara in Guinea is unpaved and extremely rugged. With just minor problems, the whole trip takes approximately 8 hours. In Koundara, there are a few good and inexpensive places to stay. A comparable trip exists between Koundara and Diaoube (Senegal). The border crossing is pretty painless. Between border checkpoints, there’s a 20-kilometer no-man’s-land where you only know you’ve entered Senegal when the gravel road becomes better. At any hour of the night, you may change your money at the border towns on both sides of the no man’s land. Diaoube to Tambacounda and then on to Dakar is pretty simple to get there.

Koundara is also the best place to start a journey to Guinea-Bissau.

The ‘Laissez-Passer Pour Vehicule’, available at the Guinea Embassy (USD40), and the ‘Vehicle Clearance Permit,’ available at the Sierra Leone Embassy, make it feasible to traverse Guinea (Kopoto) and Sierra Leone (Kambia) by vehicle or motorbike (USD40). For Sierra Leone, an extra ‘Ecowas International Circulation Permit’ will be needed, which may be purchased for SLL 100,000 at the border.

For evidence of car insurance, an Ecowas ‘Brown Card’ may be required.