Friday, September 10, 2021

Food & Drinks in Guinea

AfricaGuineaFood & Drinks in Guinea

There are many eating choices. You may eat excellent and healthy meals for just GNF20,000 (EUR2 or approximately USD3). Many more options are available if your taste buds prefer something more foreign. Guinean beef is excellent and comes highly recommended. Because of Islam’s supremacy, pork is not offered, although it is consumed by the inhabitants of the South East’s forests (Guinee Forestiere). There are several excellent Lebanese eateries that provide European-style breakfasts.

Outside of Conakry, you may often get local meals (consisting of Guinean style rice and one of the four major sauces, with sometimes meat or fish in certain instances) for less than USD1 at a small local eatery (GNF3,000-6,000 depending on the exchange rate). You will be stuffed when you leave!

If you want to dine at a more good restaurant in Kankan, Guinea (Haute Guinee), you have a few options. There are two hotels in the area: Hotel Villa and Hotel Bate. These were the top two locations to stay and eat as of mid-2008. A standard plate may range in price from GNF35,000 to GNF55,000. Keep in mind that food and beverage costs may frequently skyrocket on the spur of the moment and without warning!

Fruits are very cheap in this country, particularly when compared to the higher prices in neighboring nations (Mali, Ivory Coast and Senegal). For pineapple lovers, there are individuals selling this delicious fruit by the side of the road in and near Kindia on the national road (which actually runs from the north of the country to Conakry in the south). Mango fruits, oranges, and bananas are also plentiful and inexpensive across the nation, particularly in roadside stands.

Dining “IN” is another option to eating out. Guineans are usually warm and pleasant people, thus you may be asked to have a meal with them. The majority of Guineans eat from a single large plate. Enjoy yourselves and refuse to drink the local water if it is offered to you. Please bring your bottled water with you (Coyah, Milo, etc.).

Local “Guiluxe” and “Skol” lager beers, as well as canned European beer, are available.

Water packaged in the name of Coyah is extremely excellent and can be found anywhere for around USD0.50 per 1.5 litre bottle. The tap water in Conakry is usually unsafe unless filtered or heated.