Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Know Before Traveling To Guinea-Bissau

AfricaGuinea-BissauThings To Know Before Traveling To Guinea-Bissau

Internet, Comunication

There are a lot of internet cafés in Bissau’s downtown area, but if you ask around, you’ll find that many of them are hard to find from the outside. Lenox or going WiFi at Restaurant Phoenicia or the Hotel Bissau Palace are more possibilities.

In Guinea Bissau, there are three mobile phone providers, all of which offer prepaid mobile cards that may be purchased anywhere. It’s simple to phone overseas or to other mobiles within the same business, however calling from one company to another (for example, MTN->Guinétel) may be difficult.


If your stay in this nation is deemed transitory, Muslims are generally tolerant of others. Because there are a few extremist mosques in the nation, it is recommended that you avoid going there. The Christian minority is permitted, but activists and government officials in Guinea-Bissau keep a close eye on them.

Check your local government’s or state department’s Guinea-Bissau warnings.

Some individuals (particularly youngsters) may want you to snap their picture, while others will be offended if you do so; always ask ahead of time if you’re going to take close-ups. Avoid photographing military sites without permission, but you may be permitted to do so on rare occasions.