Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel To Guinea-Bissau

AfricaGuinea-BissauHow To Travel To Guinea-Bissau

By plane

Every Wednesday and Friday, EuroAtlantic airlines  [www]  offers direct flights from Portugal, returning the same day.

The daily Air Senegal trip is no longer available, however TACV Carbo Verde Airlines [www] operates daily flights from Dakar, Senegal to Bissau. The flight is 75 minutes long.

By car

  • Depending on border bureaucracy, the trip from Ziguinchor, Senegal to Bissau should take 3-4 hours via sept-places (seven-seat Peugeot) or your own vehicle. The roads are in excellent condition, with the exception of a few potholes after So Domingos. The border with Senegal is closed after sundown.
  • Count on 7-8 hours from Gambia (Serrekunda) if everything goes well. You’ll have to transfer in Ziguinchor if you’re traveling via sept-place.
  • With a little luck, you may go from Dakar to Bissau in one day using public transportation, but you must leave Dakar early and change vehicles at Ziguinchor.

Pirada (dirtroad from there to Gab) to Senegal, and Buruntuma to Guinea-Conakry (also through Gab) are two more major border crossings.

By boat

Between Dakar to Bissau, there is a maritime route. There are also boats that go to and from the Bijagos islands.