Saturday, September 18, 2021

Destinations in Guinea-Bissau

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Cities in Guinea-Bissau

  • Bissau – capital
  • Bafatá – Bafata, on the Rio Gêba, is a charming town with an attractive colonial center. Amilcar Cabral, a Bissau-Guinean patriot, was born in this town. To see his home, ask around near the old market.
  • Bolama – The country’s capital until 1941, it contains several stunning examples of colonial architecture and has been proposed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Buba – End of the tarmac leading to Guinea-south. Bissau’s The Rio Grande de Buba is a tidal river that runs through the town.
  • Bubaque – The archipelago’s largest town, including hotels and a port for boat excursions to neighboring islands.
  • Cacheu – Cacheu was formerly a major slave-trading center, and there is still a small fort there.
  • Catió-
  • Farim
  • Gabú – A bustling market town with a large Muslim population.

Other destinations in Guinea-Bissau

  • Bijagos Islands – a tropical archipelago with twenty lovely islands Hippos may be seen on the island of Orango, and there are many additional ecotourism opportunities on the “unspoiled islands.” There are even turtle breeding sites on certain islands. Fishing lodges operated by the French may be found on several islands.
  • Varela – Just south of Cap Skirring, on the Guinea-Bissau side of the border, getting to Varela on a 50-kilometer bumpy dirt road from Sao Domingos is a challenge, but it’s all worth it when you arrive at this little paradise, complete with a superb Italian-owned hotel, beautiful beaches and pine forests, and a very relaxed atmosphere with almost no other tourists.