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Food & Restaurants In Bissau

Guinea-BissauBissauFood & Restaurants In Bissau

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  • Every night from 20.00-7500 FCFA, Recidencial Coimbra serves an excellent buffet that includes appetizers, main meals, desserts, wine, and water.
  • Palace Hotel. Quite perhaps the greatest restaurant in town. There is a swimming pool for non-guests to use for 5000 FCFA (eat lunch in the pool) and wireless internet.
  • Hotel Malaika. There is a great restaurant on the first floor, but there is also a roof top restaurant for beverages and fast food type meals.
  • O Bistro – Delicious meals served at a Belgian-owned restaurant near to Mavegro.
  • Hotel 24 de Setembro. Excellent service and a good food, albeit little pricey.
  • Hotel Kalliste – There is an open-air restaurant directly on Praca Che Guevara (known as “Praca Bayana” by most cab drivers). Excellent pizza and excellent music most nights, although at a high price (4000f – 5000f for a small pie).
  • Papa Louca Favorite pizza and shawarma joint. Very reasonable pricing!
  • Le Grimaldi Hotel Kalliste’s restaurant at the Bayana roundabout, with delicious cuisine and a pleasant ambiance.
  • The Centre Culturel Franco Bissau-Guinéen is open for lunch and has a pleasant patio for eating croissants and cappuccino in the morning or a fantastic meal.
  • Breakfast at Bate Papo is excellent, with croissants, pastries, and sandwiches, as well as coffee, natural juices, and so on. It’s just close to “meteorologa.”
  • Dom Bifana is a fantastic steakhouse near the parliament, with a live gazelle and a crowned crane in the restaurant.
  • The Dragon Chinese Restaurant is located uphill from the Bayana roundabout. When you’re bored of Portuguese and Libyan cuisine, this is a welcome alternative.
  • Fernandas in Santa Lucia is well-known for her Bica (Carpe Rouge).
  • Campo Sueco in Alto Bandim is a fantastic place for lunch and a dip in the pool while waiting for your meal.
  • In the dry season, Ta Mar in Bissau Velho is a lovely area with outside serving in the street.
  • Penso Central – For lunch or supper, a fixed menu of soup, fish, meat, and dessert costs about 5000 FCFA.
  • A Padeira Africana – Portuguese cuisine
  • Ponto de Encontro – owned by the same people as “A Padeira Africana” – an excellent place for a drink and a food on the sidewalk.
  • Restaurante bar maroquino “Sara” – Moroccan restaurant near Aparthotel Lobato with amazing seafood, shawarma, and so forth.
  • Lenox – Bairro de Ajuda Popular neighborhood hangout featuring an internet café, loud music, beer, shawarma, pizza, goat meat, sandwiches, and other fast food.
  • Lenox – Luanda The same idea, but without the loud music.
  • Phoenicia Libanese restaurant serving delicious sandwiches, shawarmas, burgers, pizzas, soft drinks, and wireless internet. There was no alcohol sold.
  • Ali Baba – No alcohol, just libanese quick food and soft ice.
  • Morabeza – close to the Bayana roundabout Food is fantastic, especially the pizza.
  • Magui – Above the shuttered theater is a Senegalese location.
  • Monte Carlo – Hotel Jordani – The meal is unremarkable.
  • Dom Bifana – Situated inside the airport, it is opulent in appearance but offers poor value for money.
  • The Adega do Loureiro is located on a side street between Baiana and Benfica. Nice cafe with wonderful and unique Portuguese cuisine, however the service is inconsistent.
  • Casa Santos in Santa Luzia
  • Cantinho da Mana M’Butcha Rua Domingos Ramos
  • Ruby Restaurant is located near to the United Nations headquarters.
  • Chez Ami Rua Eduardo Mondelane

How To Travel To Bissau

BY PLAINTAP has three weekly direct flights from Lisbon to Bissau, all of which arrive at 01:10AM and depart the same day. Senegal Airlines also operates flights from Dakar.TACV operates four weekly flights from Dakar to Bissau, returning the following day. These flights are not known for their timeliness,...

How To Get Around In Bissau

Shared cabs are inexpensive and common. Stop cabs and tell them where you want to go (or indicate to passing taxis), and they will either accept "na bai" (I'm going) or refuse "no" (no) if individuals already in the vehicle are headed somewhere else in the city. Prices are...

Sights & Landmarks In Bissau

Presidential Palace (Palácio Presidencial). During the civil war, it was bombed out. Rebuilt in 2013 with Chinese funds, it now serves as the president's seat.Bissau Velho - the historic Portuguese colonial center There isn't much life there anymore, but it's still a pleasant location to wander around. Don't overlook the jail with...

Things To Do In Bissau

The French Cultural Center at the Bayana roundabout often hosts concerts, movies, dancing lessons, French courses, and other events, which are listed on their website.The Portuguese Cultural Center (adjacent to the Portuguese embassy, behind "Benfica") also offers performances, but in a less appealing setting.Swim at Palace Hotel (5000 FCFA),...

Shopping In Bissau

Wood carvings - Try the Centro Artistico Juvenil, adjacent to "Chapa de Bissau," which has regulated pricing and no need to negotiate - or the market in front of Penso Central, which requires bargaining.Hand woven textiles - NGO [email protected] in Quinhamel - or at the Bandim Market - has a good...



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