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Stay Safe & Healthy in Ghana

AfricaGhanaStay Safe & Healthy in Ghana

Stay Safe in Ghana

In comparison to other West African nations, Ghana is presently a highly secure and stable country with low crime rates. Take reasonable measures, but rest assured that it is completely safe.

On Thursday evenings, Bywel’s pub in Osu is a popular hangout for foreigners, making it a target for muggings. When leaving the bar, make sure you depart in a big group and get into a cab right away.

Keep in mind that, although female homosexuality is legal, male homosexuality is not.

People stealing mobile phones on the streets have also been reported. If you don’t have to, don’t use your phone out in the open. You face the danger of someone snatching it away from you.

Stay Healthy in Ghana

You should be aware that chloroquine-resistant malaria is common, and you should adopt adequate malaria prevention measures, such as mosquito avoidance, insect repellants, and chemical prophylaxis. The immunization against yellow fever is needed for entrance into the country.

If a tourist intends to travel inside the country, it is highly recommended that they seek vaccines against Hepatitis A and B, Cholera, and Typhoid fever.

The northern portion of Ghana, which is part of Africa’s Meningitis Belt, has an extremely high risk of meningitis. This is particularly true during the dry, windy months of December through June. For Meningitis types A, C, Y, and W135, a polysaccharide vaccination is available.

Despite the fact that the AIDS/HIV prevalence in Uganda is lower than in other Sub-Saharan African nations, do not engage in unprotected sexual activity! There is also a danger of schistosomiasis if you come into touch with still freshwater.

Some eateries will adhere to European health regulations, but expect to pay a premium. Smaller eateries, dubbed “chop bars,” are unlikely to fulfill these requirements.

Travelers will need to keep hydrated due to the tropical environment near the shore. Bottled water is widely accessible. Over the years, Voltic Water has shown to be a dependable brand, but be sure the seal has not been damaged.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s destination Ghana page [www] for the most up-to-date health information for travelers visiting Ghana, including warnings and recommendations.

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