Friday, September 10, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Ghana

AfricaGhanaLanguage & Phrasebook in Ghana

Between Ghana’s numerous peoples, English is both the official language and the lingua franca. English speakers will have little difficulty expressing their requirements everywhere in Ghana; Ghanaians are generally proficient in English, although with certain idiosyncrasies. Official official papers are written in English, although Ghana’s population speaks over 40 other languages, including Twi/Fante in the Ashanti and Fante regions, Ga in Greater Accra, Ewe east of Lake Volta, Dagbani, and so on. “Obruni,” the Akan term for foreigner, literally means “white guy,” and is often yelled at any visitor, black or white, male or female, in the most frequently frequented locations. This is exhausting.

The Hausa language is also utilized as a lingua franca in the northern areas and among Ghanaian Muslims in general.