Friday, September 10, 2021

Internet & Communications in Ghana

AfricaGhanaInternet & Communications in Ghana

Within Ghana, telephone and postal services may be problematic, but international mail, at least to and from Accra, is quite dependable (approx a week either way to the UK for example). Ghana Telecom (now mainly owned by Vodafone and rebranded) is the most widely used phone service, although it is not yet completely dependable or ubiquitous. In the nation, there are six (6) mobile phone networks. In the regional capitals and other important cities, all six networks have 3G/HSPA/EVDO coverage, and there has been a commensurate increase in internet access through USB sticks (expect to pay around GHS60 for a stick with a 2GB allowance). In metropolitan regions, coverage is excellent, and it is improving in rural areas and along key roads.

With the country’s recent ICT growth, you’re never far from an internet café, where an hour of internet connection should cost between GHS0.50 and GHS1.00. Wireless hotspots are available at many hotels, allowing guests to connect to the internet.