Saturday, September 18, 2021

Destinations in Gabon

AfricaGabonDestinations in Gabon

Cities in Gabon

  • Libreville – Capital
  • Cap Lopez
  • Franceville
  • Gamba
  • Kango
  • Lambarene
  • Mayumba
  • Owendo
  • Port-Gentil bordered to the coast of the South Atlantic Ocean

Other destinations in Gabon

  • Akanda National Park — Migratory birds and turtles may be found in Akanda National Park’s mangroves and tidal flats.
  • Banteke Plateau National Park — Forest elephants, buffalo, and antelope live in the Banteke Plateau National Park, which is a savanna connected by rivers with rope bridges for residents.
  • Crystal Mountains National Park — Misty woods rich in orchids, begonias, and other vegetation may be found in Crystal Mountains National Park.
  • Ivindo National Park — Ivindo National Park is home to two of Central Africa’s most beautiful waterfalls, as well as gorillas, chimps, and forest elephants that congregate around the park’s rivers and waterholes.
  • Loango National Park — Loango National Park is a 100-kilometer length of pristine beaches and surrounding rainforest that is both beautiful and a great location to see leopards, elephants, gorillas, and monkeys on the beach.
  • Lopé National Park — a combination of grassland and thick forest along the Ogooue River; take a pirogue ride down the river, see old rock carvings, or follow gorillas or mandrill monkeys with a pygmy guide.
  • Mayumba National Park — Mayumba National Park is a sandy peninsula that is home to the world’s biggest nesting leatherback turtle population.
  • Minkebe National Park — Minkebe National Park is a highland forest with huge sandstone domes where elephants, forest-dwelling antelope, and big pigs may be found.