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Nightlife In Addis Ababa

EthiopiaAddis AbabaNightlife In Addis Ababa

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  • Affoy. The upstairs, which houses the bar and hookah, is a bit run-down, but the pizzas are delicious.
  • Black Rose, Boston Bldg, Bole Rd (above the Boston Day Spa). The lively ambiance is dark yet cozy and trendy, and the bar provides a wide range of beverages. Every Thursday night, there is a live jazz jam session.
  • Club Deep. There is a little admission fee, however the beverages are reasonably priced. Avoid using the restrooms since they are dirty beyond imagination.
  • Divine. Bole Rd (on the top floor of Sheger House). On weekends, the soundtrack is more Western-oriented, with plenty of room for lounging and a pulsating dancing floor.
  • Dome Club. Concorde. Debre Zeyit Rd. Sticky and dark, more of a dive bar/club atmosphere.
  • Gaslight. The Sheraton has a posh nightclub. It has the sense of an affluent Western disco on the inside. They have a rather rigorous dress code, so no jeans or trainers/sneakers. Although there is no admission price, expect to spend a lot for beverages.
  • Illusion, cnr Ras Desta Damtew St & Itegue Taitu St (under the Ambassador Theatre). Dance till 05:00 a.m. On weekends, it is quite busy, but this adds to its allure.
  • Kaldi’s Coffee,  +251 11 371 4258. This is a coffee establishment that is comparable to Starbucks in many ways. Kaldis has 22 sites across the city and offers a wide range of items such as coffee, tea, burgers, sandwiches, juice, and pancakes.
  • Meda Sports Bar and Grill. Large, open bar that is ideal for socializing or watching a game. The downstairs area is more private and ideal for quiet chats. The loft upstairs features a calm, informal eating ambiance.
  • Memo. This club is well-known for its late-night vibe. It is one of the few clubs that costs entrance, and be aware that beverages are expensive. However, the music is loud and terrific, the cuisine is open late, and it all adds up to a fantastic night.

How To Travel To Addis Ababa

BY PLAINBole International Airport, the busiest in East Africa and the hub of Ethiopian Airlines, is served by several international airlines with daily flights to Europe, the United States, Asia, and many African cities such as Accra, Bamako, Brazzaville, Cairo, Dakar, Dar es Salaam, Djibouti, Khartoum, Harare, Johannesburg, and...

How To Get Around In Addis Ababa

Few streets have names, and even when they do, they may not be labeled accurately on a map; instead, utilize landmarks to help you navigate the city.Blue and white minibusesThe blue and white minibuses/taxis are quite efficient in getting about town. Because they are frequently packed, it is also...

Districts & Neighbourhoods In Addis Ababa

The city is split into ten boroughs, which are known as subcities:1 Addis Ketema2 Akaky Kaliti3 Arada4 Bole5 Gullele6 Kirkos7 Kolfe Keranio8 Lideta9 Nifas Silk-Lafto10 Yeka

Prices In Addis Ababa

Tourist (Backpacker) - 41 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:meals in cheap restaurant, public transport, cheap hotel.Tourist (regular) - 131 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:mid-range meals and drinks,transportation, hotel.MARKET / SUPERMARKETMilk1 liter$ 1.50Tomatoes1 kg$ 0.80 Cheese0.5 kg$ 7.00Apples1 kg$ 4.15Oranges1...

Sights & Landmarks In Addis Ababa

If you stroll from Meskel Square to Sidest Kilo, you will most likely find it fun and engaging. You'll see the Africa Hall, the palaces and the Parliament building, the Hilton Hotel, the marvelous architectural adventure of a building housing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Sheraton Hotel, the...

Museums & Galleries In Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa Museum, Bole Rd / Airport Rd / Africa Ave (near Meskel Square). Tu-F 08:30-12:30, 13:30-17:30; Sa 08:30-11:30.Contains artifacts and displays from Addis Ababa. Ras Biru Habte-Gabriel, a former Minister of War, used to live at the palace.Ethiopian Railway Museum.Ethnological Museum, Algeria St. M-F 08:00-17:00; Sa-Su 09:00-17:00. This intriguing museum, also known as the...

Shopping In Addis Ababa

Mercato. The mercato (Italian meaning market, since the main covered market still in use originates from the colonial government of the late 1930s) is the world's biggest outdoor market, and it sells everything from tourist items (t-shirts, wood crafts, etc.) to cloth to metal goods. Haggling and negotiating are...

Food & Restaurants In Addis Ababa

Food is relatively inexpensive. Make sure you try the national dish injera at least once, since there is nothing else like it. It's a yeast-risen flatbread with a distinctive, somewhat spongy feel. Teff flour is usually used to make it. Injera is made by combining teff flour with water...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is safer than other African cities. Gang violence and other dangerous actions are uncommon. Pick-pockets and con-artists may be encountered at and near Bole Airport, Mercato, Piazza, and other localities. Keep your things near by and be aware of your surroundings.In contrast to other African towns, police...



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