Friday, September 10, 2021

Things To See in Eritrea

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Asmara Historic Perimeter

In terms of cleanliness, serenity, and architectural style, Asmara is now at the top of the globe. Art Deco public buildings, villas, and mansions are what distinguish it and make it so beautiful (or Decorative Art). They were constructed in a variety of architectural styles, including Art Deco, Futuristic, and Rationalist. The buildings’ architectural designs are extremely distinctive, and the facades, in particular, are eye-catching. They are magnificent, and some of them resemble sailing ships and historical buildings.

Others seem to be unusual falls from other planets (or supernatural things), while others appear to be magnificent paintings by a genius artist. Anyone may appreciate the beauty of the city’s architecture by walking to the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Cathedral, the Mosque, the theaters, and other places in the center of the city. The magnificent landscape of Asmara’s structures, accentuated by umbrella-like palm palms, invites appreciation and provides joy to view and admire.

Asmara is a great location to admire and satisfy your yearning for Art Deco from the early twentieth century. As a result, international tourists have been known to remark that Asmara residents live in a museum. Asmara is therefore a museum in the open air. Asmara and its Art Deco were constructed in the first four decades of the twentieth century with the help of a large indigenous labor force and a few Italian builders and engineers. The majority of Art Deco structures are concentrated in a few locations across the globe. They remain complete, maintained, and ancient in Asmara (as the adage goes, ‘Old is Gold’), while they were destroyed in Europe and other locations either by the two Great Wars or by subsequent modernization waves, or both.

  • Asmara Cathedral. The Cathedral of Asmara is a fine example of Lombard-Romanesque architecture and a helpful bearing point for lost travelers, with a bell tower that rises far into the sky.
  • Enda Mariam Orthodox Cathedral. The historic church is situated in the city’s center and represents the four directions of the world (east, west, north, and south), with an equal number of worshippers going through each of the four gates each day. A tree known as “Berberestelim” may be seen in the church’s compound. Priests used to wash dead corpses in the past by putting these tree leaves in the water, and the body would remain like way for years.
  • Asmara Theatre and Opera House. The Asmara Opera House, built in 1920, is a stunning example of Italian architecture.
  • Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque. One of Africa’s most opulent mosques. The building is diverse, with influences from both Italian and indigenous Moorish traditions.
  • Fiat Tagliero. One of the world’s few futuristic architectural masterpieces. It’s an old gas station that’s been transformed into an aircraft. It features two 70-foot cantilevered wings that serve as side covers.