Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Travel To Equatorial Guinea

AfricaEquatorial GuineaHow To Travel To Equatorial Guinea

By plane

There are two paved airports, one near Malabo (SSG) and the other in Bata (BAT) (BSG). Ecuato Guineana de Aviación, the country’s primary airline, conducts domestic and international flights from Malabo International Airport. Other airlines that operate to Malabo airport include Iberia (from Madrid), JetAir (from London Gatwick), Air France (from Paris), Swiss (from Zurich), and Lufthansa (from Frankfurt) starting April 1st. Delta Air Lines had intended to commence service to Malabo from Atlanta in June 2009, however owing to the financial crisis, the route was postponed.

By car

The capital is located on a small island. The mainland, however, may be reached by paved (tarmac) roads from Gabon and muddy trails from Cameroon (inaccessible in rainy season). Many roads in EG, however, are in a bad condition (especially for West Africa), and 4×4 is required for many months of the year; some, on the other hand, are brand new.

It’s worth noting that the Campo entrance is often closed. Additionally, visa-free Americans may be denied entrance from Kye-Ossi and Ebebiyin if adequate reasons for entry are not provided or if they are not racially Caucasian.

Extortion by security personnel is widespread in Equatorial Guinea, with local police demanding payments for fabricated traffic infractions.