Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Equatorial Guinea

AfricaEquatorial GuineaFood & Drinks in Equatorial Guinea

Particularly in Malabo, there are many excellent places to dine. French food is available in the Hotel Sofitel’s coffee shop (placed immediately over the Cathedral on the north shore). The main restaurant of the Hotel Bahia is a popular hangout for both locals and foreigners.

The Pizza Restaurant is the finest place in town for pizza and pasta.

Restaurante Bantu serves genuine Chinese food for Asian cuisine. La Luna serves Moroccan and other European cuisine. Try a dish like smoked beef with black pepper from Equatorial Guinea. A roast duck with cheese and onion leaves is also available.

Ebebiyin is well-known for its many bars. They consume copious amounts of wine. Guineana, a locally made beer, is excellent.