Saturday, September 18, 2021

Destinations in Equatorial Guinea

AfricaEquatorial GuineaDestinations in Equatorial Guinea

Cities in Equatorial Guinea

  • Malabo – the capital, on Bioko
  • Acalayong
  • Bata – the major city on the mainland
  • Ebebiyin – In the extreme northeast corner, Ebebiyin is a significant entry point.
  • Evinayong
  • Luba – another town on Bioko
  • Mbini
  • Mongomo

Regions in Equatorial Guinea

Río Muni (Bata) – all of the mainland

Bioko (Malabo) – island in the Gulf of Guinea, includes the capital city

Annobon – In the Atlantic, between Sao Tome and Principe Islands lies a tiny island.