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Culture Of Equatorial Guinea

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The First Hispanic-African Cultural Congress was held in June 1984 to examine Equatorial Guinea’s cultural identity. The congress served as a focal point for integration and the blending of Hispanic and African cultures.


Equatorial Guinea presently has no UNESCO World Heritage Sites or World Heritage List candidates. UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme lists no recorded legacy in the nation, while the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Assets List has no intangible cultural heritage.

Media and communications

Three state-run FM radio stations serve as Equatorial Guinea’s primary source of communication. In Malabo, the BBC World Service, Radio France Internationale, and Gabon’s Africa No 1 all transmit on FM. In addition, there are five shortwave radio stations. The television network, Television Nacional, is run by the government. RTVGE, an international television show, is broadcast through satellite across Africa, Europe, and the Americas, as well as on the Internet globally. Two newspapers and two periodicals are available.

In the 2012 Reporters Without Borders press freedom ranking, Equatorial Guinea is ranked 161st out of 179 countries. According to the watchdog, the national broadcaster follows the information ministry’s instructions. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, in 2011, a “news blackout” was enforced on reportage of protests in Arab nations in North Africa. The majority of media outlets engage in extensive self-censorship and are prohibited by law from criticizing prominent people. Teodor Obiang, the president’s son, is in charge of the state-owned media and the major commercial radio station.

Only two lines are accessible for every 100 people, indicating that landline telephone penetration is minimal. Malabo, Bata, and many mainland cities are covered by a single GSM mobile phone provider. Approximately 40% of the population has enrolled to mobile phone services as of 2009. Orange is Equatorial Guinea’s sole phone service provider.

By December 2011, there were over 42,000 internet users.


Equatorial Guinea produces very little popular music. Pan-African genres like as soukousand makossa, as well as reggae and rock and roll, are popular. The country’s most well-known indigenous popular heritage is acoustic guitar bands based on a Spanish model.


Equatorial Guinea in the Olympics, Equatorial Guinea’s national football team, Equatorial Guinea’s women’s national football team, and Equatorial Guinea’s national under-16 basketball team are all available for more information.
Equatorial Guinea partnered with Gabon to co-host the 2012 African Cup of Nations, and it also hosted the 2015 edition. In addition, the nation was selected to host the 2008 African Women’s Football Championship, which they won. The women’s national team qualified for the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which will be held in Germany.

Swimmers Eric Moussambani, dubbed “Eric the Eel,” and Paula Barila Bolopa, dubbed “Paula the Crawler,” from Equatorial Guinea are renowned for their very slow times in the 2000 Summer Olympics.

How To Travel To Equatorial Guinea

By plane There are two paved airports, one near Malabo (SSG) and the other in Bata (BAT) (BSG). Ecuato Guineana de Aviación, the country's primary airline, conducts domestic and international flights from Malabo International Airport. Other airlines that operate to Malabo airport include Iberia (from Madrid), JetAir (from London Gatwick),...

Destinations in Equatorial Guinea

Cities in Equatorial Guinea Malabo - the capital, on BiokoAcalayongBata - the major city on the mainlandEbebiyin - In the extreme northeast corner, Ebebiyin is a significant entry point.EvinayongLuba - another town on BiokoMbiniMongomo Regions in Equatorial Guinea Río Muni (Bata) - all of the mainland Bioko (Malabo) - island in the Gulf of...

Visa & Passport Requirements for Equatorial Guinea

This is one of the most difficult nations in the world to get a visa unless you are an American citizen. Citizens of the United States do not need a visa, however they must bring the following items with them while entering: two visa applications, two passport photographs, a...

Food & Drinks in Equatorial Guinea

Particularly in Malabo, there are many excellent places to dine. French food is available in the Hotel Sofitel's coffee shop (placed immediately over the Cathedral on the north shore). The main restaurant of the Hotel Bahia is a popular hangout for both locals and foreigners. The Pizza Restaurant is the...

Money & Shopping in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea uses the Central African CFA franc (XAF). Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, the Republic of Congo, and Gabon all use it. While the CFA franc (XAF) and the Western African CFA franc (XOF) are technically distinct currencies, they are used interchangeably in all CFA franc (XAF...

Language & Phrasebook in Equatorial Guinea

Spanish (including its native variation, Equatoguinean Spanish) and French are the official languages. In 2010, Portuguese was considered for adoption as an official language, although it was not completely recognized at the time. Since 1844, Spanish has been the official language of the country, and it is used in...

History of Equatorial Guinea

Pygmies most likely formerly inhabited throughout the continental area that is now Equatorial Guinea, but they currently only exist in small enclaves in southern Ro Muni. Between the 18th and 19th centuries, Bantu migrations introduced the coastal ethno-linguistic groups, as well as the Fang. The Bubi, who moved from...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Equatorial Guinea

Stay Safe in Equatorial Guinea Taking photographs of government assets without authorization is severely forbidden. Photographing airports, government buildings, or anything of military or strategic significance is prohibited. Foreigners snapping pictures of locals, especially children, is usually frowned upon. Since a general rule, bringing a camera with you when strolling...



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