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Food & Restaurants In Giza

EgyptGizaFood & Restaurants In Giza

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There are a lot of Western fast food alternatives just opposite the main admission gates to the Pyramid enclosure, including Pizza Hut and KFC, so you can munch on a Tower burger and drink on a soda in air-conditioned comfort while staring over the road at the 4,000+ year-old Sphinx! Many people may prefer a more realistic experience, although the novelty of the circumstance may be appealing.

  • Fish Market, 26 Shar’a al-Nil (Along the Nile, in the same),   +20 2 570 9694.This restaurant is situated on the Nile aboard a moored ship, next to a TGI Friday’s. Popular with both residents and tourists, however the cuisine is subpar, the prices are exorbitant, and the service is erratic. Moderate to Extreme.
  • Khan El Khalili, Mena House Oberoi hotel. The restaurant has been operating for almost a century and is by far the most fashionable spot for lunch or a cool drink. Expect to pay Western pricing for this luxury.
  • Moghul Room, Mena House Oberoi. An very premium Indian restaurant. Reservations are required.
  • Nile Pharos (Dinner cruise), 138 El Nile St.. The boat is decorated in Pharaonic style and has a buffet with foreign and Egyptian cuisine as well as belly dance.
  • Nile City, Zamalek. The Stationary Boat on the Nile is home to various foreign businesses as well as an Egyptian grill and a seafood restaurant. Chilis, Johny Carinos, Fish Market, and Studio Misr are just a few of the restaurants in the area.

How To Travel To Giza

BY METRO Metro Line 2 presently connects Cairo and Giza, however it does not reach the Pyramids. Take a train to Giza station (not the end!). The pyramids are an 8-kilometer, 15-20-minute drive southwest on the lengthy Al-Haram Boulevard, which the train traverses immediately before arriving at the station. That's basically...

Sights & Landmarks In Giza

All of Giza's noteworthy attractions are focused on the Giza Plateau, which is located at the end of Pyramids Road. Some people are taken aback when they go along a street in Giza and witness the top of a Pyramid rise over the golden arches of a McDonald's with...

Things To Do In Giza

Before you get on a camel or horse, have a look at how the operators handle their animals. You may alter your mind. If you do decide to accept one of the horsemen's or camel men's offers, be careful to negotiate the price and the location beforehand. Inquire to...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Giza

The Giza Pyramids, Egypt's largest tourist attraction, draw millions of visitors each year. They also draw a significant number of the most determined opportunists from a long distance away. Report any harassment by camel drivers or tourist touts to the black-uniformed (or white-uniformed in the summer) Tourist Police immediately,...



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