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Food & Restaurants In Dahab

EgyptDahabFood & Restaurants In Dahab

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The key to dining inexpensively in Dahab is to avoid beachside eateries and instead go inland, along and beyond the pedestrian zone, where comparable meals are often on sale for half the price of those on the seaside.

  • Budget places. You may dine for extremely inexpensive costs (4-24LE) on the side streets, such as falafel, koshari, and chicken at “King Chicken,” albeit King Chicken has different pricing for Egyptians and foreigners. Fish lunches cost 30LE at the Fish Market – the rates displayed for fish are per kilo (not per fish); bargain for a better deal. On the main road (Peace Road), there is a falafel, foul, etc., stand that charges 2LE each sandwich. Good koshary may be found at the Koshary shop on Peace Road. A fish supper prepared for you in Assalah (the Egyptian side) would normally cost between 15LE and 25LE. At the outset, agree on a fee.
  • Ali Baba Restaurant. Ali Baba Restaurant is a high-end establishment that serves local seafood, grill, and both local and foreign foods. It has cleanliness certifications and is continually reinventing itself.
  • The Kitchen Restaurant, +20 195959764, Masbat Bay (between the bridge and the huge store). 12:00-24:00. In a delicate dining setting, The Kitchen Restaurant serves genuine and contemporary Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Sushi cuisine. The restaurant is approved for international food and health safety and has a great Tripadvisor rating. Also available for take-out and delivery.”
  • Blue Beach Restaurant. Located on the beach front at the Blue Beach Hotel, this restaurant offers pleasant dining with a broad and intriguing cuisine. The cuisine is delicious, and the steaks, in particular, are well-known in Dahab. The restaurant is located indoors and offers both comfortable shelter in the winter and a pleasant setting in the summer. Can also accommodate big gatherings.
  • Buddha Restaurant and Cafe,  +20 108638537. This restaurant in the Lighthouse neighborhood is currently the spot to dine in Dahab for the greatest quality steak and fresh seafood. This is a really casual and welcoming facility, with clean facilities and sun loungers available throughout the day. Romantic near the Red Sea, but also suitable for parties and weddings.
  • Dai Pescatori,  +20 127972361. Egyptians own and run the business. Good Italian cuisine, particularly the mixed appetizers and semi-fredo dessert, at Sheikh Salem House at the extreme northern end of the promenade.
  • Eel Garden. At the northern end of the promenade, sitting on nice bedouin cushions, friendly staff, good food European and Egyptian you won’t find everywhere, e.g. mashi, couscous, sahlab. Weekly BBQ. Sunbeds and private beach.
  • El Dorado. With its own beach, it is also located at the northern end of the promenade. Owned by Italians, who offer delicious Italian cuisine, including killer pizzas! Locals are very fond of it. If you have a specific request, be cautious when collecting your check, since the owner of the establishment may have his own views about how much to charge.
  • Friends Restaurant. One of a number of seaside restaurants that provide the same Arabic cuisine at the same pricing.
  • Jumas Wadi Bidar Bedouin Dinner Traditional Bedouin supper cooked over an open fire in the desert. Juma, a Bedouin from the Muziena tribe, prepares delicious cuisine on his wadi near Dahab, with views of the town and Saudi Arabia. Prices for a sumptuous feast, including transportation, start at 80 EGP per person. Bookings may be made via Desert Divers, Sheikh Salem House, or Blue Beach. There is also the option of going to supper on a camel, in a vehicle, on a horse, on a trek (30 minutes from Dahab town center), or even on a quad bike!
  • The Lazy Camel Cafe Assalah Beach is located at the end of the beach walk, just north of the Eel Garden Dive Site. Serves a delicious blend of Bedouin/Middle Eastern/European cuisine, such as home-made beef burgers, Bedouin wrap sandwiches, and daily chef specials. Customers get access to free wireless internet and enjoy one of the best views in Dahab.
  • Leila’s Bakery. Delicious breads, sandwiches, salads, and cakes from a German bakery.
  • Lobster Seafood Restaurant. A few minutes beyond “King Chicken,” serves free soup, bread, and salad with a main dish, and may even include a complementary cup of tea.
  • Nemo Restaurant. On the boulevard, there’s a restaurant. It serves good meals and even has some German’specialties’ on its menu. Appetizers, sweets, and sheshas are all complimentary!!
  • Nirvana. Genuine Indian cuisine with a distinct taste. Excellent curries, appetizers, vegetarian options, and Indian tea (Chai). The portions are enormous; you probably don’t need a beginning. Proper Indian cuisine! Strongly recommended!
  • Quickly Restaurant. Mashraba Street. Food from throughout the world. Cheap cuisine, but significantly larger amounts and far tastier than the tourist restaurants along the seaside. Upstairs, there’s a laid-back lounge with decent music. Wireless internet is provided at no cost. Local divers and travelers love it here.
  • Rush. Located between the bridge and Tota, up a short lane. This restaurant provides delicious meals in a palmtree garden with a tiny swimming pool; the style is imaginative “fusion.” There is also a bar with both domestic and foreign alcohol. There is indoor and outdoor seating. Every Friday night, there is a DJ-led party.
  • Same Same but different, +20 106466863, e-mail:[email protected] Good meal; the strawberry shake is a must-try; it takes you back to your youth. The service was wonderful, and the personnel was not scary or aggressive in the least. seafood that is fresh Catch of the day, excellent steak and B.B.Q lamb kebab special Vegetarian menu free starter with a main dish… you may bring your own Alcohol Drinks… free wifi
  • Star Of Dahab. Mashraba’s seaside district. A great spot to eat fresh fish.
  • Three Fishes. The southernmost point of the promenade. Paola, an Italian, runs a good Italian restaurant.
  • El Fanar, El Masbat, South Sinai, Egypt,  +20 122525853. Delicious meal in a Bedouin setting. Excellent service from a kind personnel. Order the chicken kebab or kofte from the menu, and the appetizer (pita and dips), watermelon, and tea are complimentary. Drinks are also reasonably priced.

How To Travel To Dahab

BY BUS OR TAXIBy bus from Cairo, it takes 9 hours and departs many times daily from Turgoman station (central), Abbasseya station (30 minutes from the center), and Heliopolis (near airport). Not all buses run from/to every station. It is best to purchase tickets in advance, particularly for the night...

How To Get Around In Dahab

Dahab is divided into three separate sections.Masbat Bay is in the center, approximately equally split by a floodway (the funny bridge over dry sand - except during a rare but impressive flash flood). Masbat's tourism area extends north to Eel Garden (or Meleil as the Bedouin name it) and...

Prices in Dahab

MARKET / SUPERMARKETMilk1 liter$1.05Tomatoes1 kg$0.52Cheese0.5 kg$3.10Apples1 kg$1.95Oranges1 kg$0.80Beer (domestic)0.5 l$Bottle of Wine1 bottle$10.00Coca-Cola2 liters$0.90Bread1 piece$0.35Water1.5 l$RESTAURANTSDinner (Low-range)for 2$11.00Dinner (Mid-range)for 2$34.00Dinner (High-range)for 2$Mac Meal or similar1 meal$4.65Water0.33 l$0.60Cappuccino1 cup$1.70Beer (Imported)0.33 l$2.15Beer (domestic)0.5 l$2.30Coca-Cola0.33 l$0.80Coctail drink1 drink$ENTERTAINMENTCinema2 tickets$Gym1 month$33.00Men’s Haircut1 haircut$Theatar2 tickets$Mobile (prepaid)1 min.$0.04Pack of Marlboro1 pack$2.85PERSONAL CAREAntibiotics1 pack$Tampons32 pieces$Deodorant50 ml.$1.90Shampoo400 ml.$2.20Toilet paper4 rolls$0.55Toothpaste1 tube$0.65CLOTHES...

Beaches in Dahab

Lagoona BeachThis beach is within a 10-minute taxi ride from Dahab's downtown. This location is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving, and it serves as a starting point for diving expeditions. Windsurfing is one of the most popular sports on this beach.Excursions are organized to adjacent coral reefs and...

Sights & Landmarks In Dahab

The blue hole, maybe Dahab's most renowned sight, is essentially a massive hole in the Red Sea. From the air, it appears like a dark blue circle in the water. This is a popular dive location, however it is also an extremely hazardous dive site. The risk arises from...

Things To Do In Dahab

In Dahab, the most "traditional" thing to do is nothing. It's one of the greatest spots in the world to indulge in this most exquisite desire, and it's a big part of Dahab's reputation among travelers. Anyway, if "doing" anything to you implies "action" or "sites," you have a...

Coffee & Drinks in Dahab

On the beach, there are various pubs. Additionally, special stores called Drinkies sell beer, wine, and liquor. One is at Azzahla's market square, while the other is on Mashraba's little road beside the Sea Bride seafood restaurant.Certain Egyptian alcohol companies use the names and labeling of more well-known liquors...

Shopping In Dahab

The typical Egyptian suspects make excellent purchases: water pipes, carpets, oriental lamps, shirts of various lengths with embroidered, backgammon games, and silver jewelry, among others. Prices are set for visitors, therefore negotiating is necessary; pay no more than 50%-60% of the first amount quoted; anything more is a rip-off....

Nightlife In Dahab

Dahab Partys, various locations host different party nights every week. Wednesdays at the Sphinx Pool Bar feature House and Dance Music, while Fridays at RUSH Village Bar feature House and Dancey rhythms.(kind of) Discothèques – Rush and The Tree. However, as soon as more than 15-20 people enter, the doorman announces, "It's a...

Festivals & Events In Dahab

Dahab is one of Egypt's most multi-cultural towns, integrating different religious traditions in a peaceful way; as a consequence, the list of Dahab Holidays contains several prominent African festivals as well as some unique, indigenous festivals. Few people realize that, in addition to the original Bedouin culture, Dahab is...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Dahab

Women tourists are safe in Dahab, however please be cautious.As a deference to local traditions, even if you will notice a lot of females wearing short skirts and tight t-shirts, please remember that Egypt is a conservative nation and dress accordingly in the city. A bikini is quite acceptable...



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