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Shopping In Cairo

EgyptCairoShopping In Cairo

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Citystars is Egypt’s top retail mall and is on par with an international mall. It carries the majority of foreign brands as well as the majority of international culinary chains. It has a cinema and an amusement park. Mall of Arabia is a brand new, huge retail mall in the 6 October City suburbs. It is Cairo’s second most popular shopping location, with many of the same American and European brands as Citystars.

ATMs may be found in a variety of locations across downtown. ATMs at five-star hotels are a more secure choice. There are also various currency exchange offices, or you may go to any big bank, such as HSBC or Commercial International Bank, for currency swaps or to redeem traveler’s cheques. In Cairo, there are also a handful of Citibank branches.

Foreign currencies may also be exchanged into Egyptian pounds at all Egyptian banks, including Banque Misr, National Bank of Egypt, Banque De Caire, Arab African Bank, The United Bank, and big Bureau De Change branches.

Be warned that many sellers will attempt to defraud you as much as they can. Papyrus museums are a particularly prevalent ruse. They vary in a variety of flavors, but they are often referred to as galleries, museums, or workshops. You will be given a short explanation or demonstration on how papyrus is created, and you will be advised against purchasing papyrus from cheaper stores that use banana leaf (though no matter where you go, no one has a sample to show you, questioning the legitimacy of this “warning”). Prices will be in the hundreds of dollars, and you will be given what looks to be a substantial discount. However, if you look around, you will see that the majority of what they provide is only worth EGP1-5 at best. Tour guides, taxi drivers, and hotel personnel are all in on it, and they often get a 50% fee if they lead an unsuspecting visitor into this trap.

In Islamic Cairo, the Khan El-Khalili market is a massive souq. The merchants in this town are hungry and skillful, so don’t fall for the hard sell and be prepared to haggle. This is an excellent location for purchasing rustic glassware and perfume bottles. Take your time.

Zamalek offers a lot of tiny yet upscale businesses, as well as shops providing crafts, jewelry, and other products. Fair Trade Cairo, located in Zamalek, is a fantastic boutique that sells high-quality goods manufactured by local craftsmen. Nefertari, which is situated in Zamalek, sells amazing organic cotton linens, skin care products, and other such items. Nomad also has a modest, beautiful second floor storefront in Zamalek, as do Nagada and Khan Misr Taloun.

Midan Talaat Harb and its adjoining streets, especially Talaat Harb Street, are teeming with stores offering everything from shoes to books to sweets.

The Midan Ataba district of Downtown Cairo is home to big bookstore markets, where you can get affordable books, as well as electronics and apparel shops; however, be wary of the overcrowding, since it makes pickpocketing easier.

How To Travel To Cairo

BY PLAIN With over 16 million passengers each year, Cairo International Airport is Africa's second busiest airport. Egyptair, the national airline, and its Star Alliance members Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, and LOT) provide excellent service. Air France, KLM, and Alitalia are members of the Sky Team, whereas British Airways...

How To Get Around In Cairo

If you want to move around Cairo on your own, you'll find that having numerous maps handy is a good idea. Street and place names are spelled differently from map to map and from map to real location, and not every street will show on every map. BY METRO The first...

Prices in Cairo

Tourist (Backpacker) - 32 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including: meals in cheap restaurant, public transport, cheap hotel. Tourist (regular) - 77 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including: mid-range meals and drinks, transportation, hotel. MARKET / SUPERMARKET Milk1 liter$ 1.15Tomatoes1 kg$ 0.60Cheese0.5 kg$ 2.70Apples1 kg$ 1.98 Oranges1...

Districts & Neighbourhoods In Cairo

Greater Cairo is a massive metropolis with a population of over 17 million people, making it Africa's and the Middle East's biggest metropolitan region. Tahrir Square is the focal point. MIDAN TAHRIR Midan El Tahrir is the heart of the contemporary city, with large hotels, transportation hubs, and the Egyptian Museum,...

Sights & Landmarks In Cairo

Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. It is the country's most renowned tourist destination and the only preserved monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.Egyptian Museum (250 m north of Tahrir square),  +20 2 25796948. The Egyptian Museum, formally called Museum of Egyptian Antiquities but often known as the Egyptian...

Museums & Galleries In Cairo

Egyptian Museum  Located in the Midan Tahrir neighborhood, it is formally known as the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities but is more often referred to as the Egyptian Museum. It has the world's finest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. (250 m north of Tahrir square),  +20 2 25796948.  Museu do Cairo The Egyptian Museum in...

Things To Do In Cairo

Coffee and shisha El Fishawy's coffee shop in Khan El-Khalili serves coffee, mint tea, and Cola. Watch the world go by while smoking a shisha water pipe (try the "double apple" flavor). Excellent value for money. Felucca Along the Nile River, take a felucca ride. A fantastic way to unwind and spend...

Food & Restaurants In Cairo

Cairo offers a large number of restaurants that appeal to a wide range of tastes. Ironically, any eateries featured in popular guidebooks should be avoided. After getting listed, Egyptian eateries have a propensity of creating a unique English menu with exorbitant rates. However, affordable food may be obtained at...

Coffee & Drinks in Cairo

Cairo has a diverse assortment of drinking establishments, from the most historic to the most stylish and sophisticated. On the opposite end of the spectrum, practically every street in Cairo has a classic coffee shop, 'ahwa, a traditionally male institution of social life that dates back hundreds of years....

Nightlife in Cairo

Cairo, for a Muslim country's capital, is quite open when it comes to alcohol drinking. Every big hotel has a variety of pubs and dance clubs, some of which are open 24 hours a day. Downtown is the place to go if you want to discover Cairo's less upscale...

Festivals & Events In Cairo

Cairo International Film Festival Egypt's appreciation of the arts in general may be traced back to the Pharaohs' rich legacy. Egypt has had a rich cinematic legacy since the early twentieth century, when the art of filming was initially pioneered. Cinema quickly blossomed into a massive motion picture business as...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Cairo

Stay safe Civil unrest has been a chronic concern in Cairo since 2011, when a revolution deposed President Hosni Mubarak. President Mohamed Morsi was deposed in July 2013, sparking deadly street protests and riots. Protests in Tahrir Square and others, although typically nonviolent in nature, may quickly turn violent, posing...



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