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Nightlife In Alexandria

EgyptAlexandriaNightlife In Alexandria

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Visitors to today’s Alexandria sometimes grumble that it’s difficult to locate a nice drinking establishment, despite the fact that the city had a labyrinth of pubs and nightclubs 50 years ago.

  • Spitfire Bar, Sa’ad Zaghloul St. Despite its prominent placement on the corner of a square on this bustling street, it’s easy to miss. The structure seems to be abandoned, although it is plainly marked above the doors. From the square, go west down Sa’ad Zaghloul St. for a few blocks until the road opens out in front of you, forming the start of a square. The bar is a few doors down on the right after turning right. For a Stella, LE 11 is required.
  • Mermaid Bar, Mahatat el Raml (near Athineos) – A small and pleasant pub with a pleasant view of the sea. Beer is reasonably priced, while hard liquor is more so. The top story features a dance floor that plays Western and Arabic music at night. The pub is frequented by international (mostly American) Arabic language students at Alexandria University’s Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL) Center.
  • Sheikh Ali, Adib Bek Ishak Street off Sa’ad Zaghloul. Travelers know it as the Cap d’Or, and it is one of Alexandria’s oldest taverns.
  • El Qobesi, 51 Corniche, juice-bar. It is not marked in English, but the abundance of fruit makes it simple to see. Amazing juices from ashta, guava, strawberry, and other fruits and vegetables for 5-8 pounds for a large glass.

Drinkie’s, a famous chain of liquor stores with one shop on the Corniche strip and home to every local drink and Heineken, is home to bars and discos throughout Alexandria and most of Egypt. To buy your own booze, drop by Drinkie’s, a famous chain of liquor stores with one shop on the Corniche strip and home to every local drink and Heineken.

  • Le Bar, 399 El Geish Road (In the San Stefano Four Seasons Hotel),  +20 3 581-8000. 5PM – 3AM. Enjoy a custom martini or an exotic drink while relaxing on one of the plush love seats, couches, or recliners.Seats 34. 
  • Bleu, 399 El Geish Road (In the San Stefano Four Seasons Hotel),  +20 3 581-8000. 4PM–2AM. Cocktails, appetizers, and tapas-style meals are available, as well as shisha (flavoured tobacco). The summer mood of this seasonal outdoor area is enhanced by fresh sea breezes and a fall of water on the terrace (open only in the summer). The terrace has a great view of the Mediterranean’s azure waves and is a great place to watch the sunset. Seating for 37 people at a cost of 100 LE each person.


  • Alegria,  +20 3-3822797. Alegria is Alexandria’s newest chic restaurant/lounge. Reservations are required and may only be made by customers on their preferred guest list. On a regular basis, roughly 400 individuals attend. Alegria may be reserved for private parties, birthday celebrations, cocktail receptions, and other small gatherings. This club attracts many of Alexandria’s affluent and famous. 120LE is the minimum fee.
  • San Giovanni Club, 205 El Gueish Ave., +20 3-5467775. 10:30PM – 4AM. Live music, well-known singers, Oriental dancers, and world-famous show stars are all on the bill.
  • Montreal – Club & Bar. Hotel Azur – Downstairs. Montreal is a nightclub that serves food and beverages and is named after the Canadian city. Drinks range in price from 25 LE to 50 LE. Keep an eye on your statement since they can tack on a few more charges. If they don’t, they’ll seek for “extra” advice.


  • 24 Seven Cafe, International Garden(in front of Carrefour). Young residents flock here to show off their newest styles. Excellent meal and shisha.
  • Brazilian Coffee Shop, Raml station(Saad Zaghloul Street (in front of the Stock Market)),  +20 34865059. The Brazilian Coffee Shop is the result of a major wave of immigration from the Middle East to Latin America (in the early 20th century). The décor of this coffee shop dates from the 1920s. The coffee is pricey, but it’s delicious. 7.5 LE for a medium latte, and 8 LE for a strong latte.
  • Clay Cafe, 156 Omar Lotfy St. (Near Small Sporting Tram station). Wi-Fi is free, however you should purchase at least a token coffee to avoid offending the staff. The majority of the food and drink is Western, although it is fairly priced for a tourist (typically 15-25 LE for food, 5-15 for drinks). Smoothies are really tasty.
  • Cafe Trianon, Saad Zaghlul square (by the seashore) (Raml Station),  +20 3-4868539 , +20 3-4835881 , +20 3-4860986, +20 3-4860973. The poshest café in Alexandria, famous for the greatest om ali in Egypt – however LE 14 for a bowl of sweet cornflour pudding is a little pricey. The cuisine is likewise delicious and little more affordable; try the LE 13 moussaka.
  • Cafe De La Paix (Sayed Drweesh Restaurant), Mohatet El Raml (Raml Station). 
  • Club21, Mo’askar Elroumany Street, Roushdy,  +20 3-5232929, +20 2-012-7330196, e-mail: [email protected] Open from 9AM to 4AM. A pleasant location to visit, with pleasant employees and delectable food and beverages at an average cost of LE 15 for a meal and LE 8 for beverages. Shisha is provided in the establishment’s garden. WIFI is available for free.
  • Omar El Khaiam Cafe, Mohatet El Raml (Raml Station).
  • New Paris Cafe, Mohatet El Raml (Raml Station).
  • Patisserie Delices, 46 Saad Zaghlul Street (Raml Station),  +20 3 486-1432. Delices’ main shop in Alexandria’s Ramleh Station, which opened in 1922, has become a well-known monument for visitors and locals alike who wish to experience the splendor of the Cosmopolitan period. Since 1922, the shop has been operated by the same family! Cassata (ice cream) and Greek Baklava are two of the city’s most famous products (similar to Egyptian Baklawa but dripped with cinnamon and honey)

There’s a Starbucks at San Stefano Grand Plaza and a Costa Coffee near Stanley Bridge, in addition to local choices.

Coffee shops

The simple ahwa, which serves coffee, tea, and shisha (water pipe), is an Egyptian tradition, and Alexandria is no exception. Puff on a cigarette, play a game of backgammon or dominoes, and watch the world go by. However, they are predominantly masculine domains, and women are seldom seen in them.

How To Travel To Alexandria

BY PLAIN El Nouzha Airport, Alexandria's primary airport, offers a limited number of domestic flights and reasonably wide service to destinations around the Middle East. However, the sole link to Europe is via Athens. The airport is located 8 kilometers (5 miles) south of the city. A cab ride should...

How To Get Around In Alexandria

You can travel pretty much everywhere in Alexandria by taking the local transport accessible along the Corniche. BY TAXI The city's yellow and black cabs are a convenient and inexpensive method to get around Alexandria. However, taxis will almost always refuse to utilize meters (the prices haven't changed in years), and drivers...

Districts & Neighbourhoods In Alexandria

Districts There are six districts in modern Alexandria: al-Montaza District: population 1,190,287Shark (Eastern Alexandria) District: population 985,786Wassat (Central Alexandria) District: population 520,450al-Amriya District: population 845,845Agamy (Western Alexandria) District: population 386,374al-Gomrok District: population 145,558 Metropolitan Alexandria is made up of two cities that are under the Alexandria governorate's jurisdiction: Borg Al-Arab city: population 186,900New...

Prices in Alexandria

Tourist (Backpacker) - 32 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:meals in cheap restaurant,public transport, cheap hotel. Tourist (Regular) - 104 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:mid-range meals and drinks, transportation, hotel. MARKET / SUPERMARKET Milk1 liter$0.90Tomatoes1 kg$0.43Cheese0.5 kg$4.00Apples1 kg$1.40Oranges1 kg$0.40Beer (domestic)0.5 l$0.90Bottle of Wine1 bottle$7.00Coca-Cola2 liters$0.86Bread1 piece$0.31Water1.5...

Sights & Landmarks In Alexandria

Historical monuments Citadel of Qaitbay, Ras el-Tin (yellow tram #25),  +20 3-4809144. 9AM-4PM. The stronghold, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the city itself, is one of the city's emblems and is situated in a lovely position. Built in 1477 AD by Mameluke Sultan Abdul-Nasser Qa'it Bay, it has been demolished and rebuilt thrice since...

Museums & Galleries In Alexandria

Alexandria National Museum, Latin quarter,  +20 3-4835519, +20 3-4838035. The History Museum houses over 1800 archaeological artifacts arranged chronologically: the basement is devoted to prehistoric and pharaonic times; the first floor is devoted to the Graeco-Roman period; and the second floor is devoted to the Coptic and Islamic eras, with an emphasis on...

Things To Do In Alexandria

Enjoy in the sun at Maa'moura or Montazah beaches. Summertime, the beaches are densely filled with Egyptian visitors, parasols, and plastic chairs, and admission costs LE 5 (2008). At this time of year, the sand and water may include some floating plastic. Certain sites charge LE 20 for additional...

Food & Restaurants in Alexandria

Alexandria is well-known for having some of the country's greatest seafood restaurants. Budget If you want to dine affordably in Alexandria, seek out establishments frequented by locals. Bear in mind that, due to Egypt's low health inspections, you should exercise caution at the majority of these restaurants if your immune...

Shopping In Alexandria

Numerous establishments seem to have established shopping hours. Winter hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Monday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Hours fluctuate throughout Ramadan, with many stores shutting on Sunday. Summer hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, 9 a.m....

Festivals & Events In Alexandria

Numerous Alexandria festivities are religious in nature. They have a number of festivals and festivities that demonstrate their fervent faith in the deity they serve. Apart from religious festivals, they also have secular festivities like as public holidays and other occasions to showcase their vibrant culture and customs. You Belong,...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Alexandria

Despite the fact that crime is seldom serious, stay on the lookout for pickpockets and avoid flashing your belongings or wearing a bum bag/fanny pack. Tourists may be harassed by street children, taxi drivers, and others. After a couple of severe "La!"s, they typically stop. "La shukran!" (no thanks)...



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