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Food & Restaurants in Alexandria

EgyptAlexandriaFood & Restaurants in Alexandria

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Alexandria is well-known for having some of the country’s greatest seafood restaurants.


If you want to dine affordably in Alexandria, seek out establishments frequented by locals. Bear in mind that, due to Egypt’s low health inspections, you should exercise caution at the majority of these restaurants if your immune system is unfamiliar with Egypt; however, if you want to stay in Egypt for more than two weeks, there should be no issue.

  • Gad (Raml Station),  +20 3-4820135. This establishment specializes in fuul (fava bean paste) and falafel. It is a type of Egyptian McDonald’s that may be found across the city and indeed the nation.
  • Kushari Bondok, Smouha (beside Fathalla supermarket). The most well-known kushari eatery in Alexandria, providing this traditional Egyptian cuisine of layered macaroni, rice, lentils, and tomato sauce.
  • Meto, 273 Gamal Abdel Nasser St,  +20 3-5506667. Pizza and the Arabic word for it, fateer. 
  • Shabaan Fish Restaurant, Shabaan, Al Mansheyah Al Kubra, Qesm Al Mansheyah, Alexandria,  +20 3-4841629. Seafood 1kg fish for 50-70EGP. 
  • Mohamed Ahmed, Ramleh station (Opposite the Metropole hotel). Another well-known fuul/flafel joint. This is a must-visit location in Alexandria. The fuul and falafel are superior to anything else in Egypt and are extremely reasonable. Additionally, travelers benefit from the management’s strict adherence to sanitary rules, which means there is no chance of developing traveler’s diarrhea here (unlike many similar establishments). It is not to be missed as a gastronomic and cultural experience.
  • Hawda Gondol/Dongol, 3 Haret el-Gaami` (Azarita),  +20 3-4820135.Restaurant specialized on seafood prepared in the Alexandria manner. There is a selection of grilled and fried fish, shrimp, and other seafood dishes, as well as shrimp kofta (deep-fried breaded ground shrimp balls) and traditional Egyptian seafood rice (white rice cooked with browned onions and spices). LE 30.
  • Alexandrian ice cream is comparable to soft-serve ice cream, but is regarded as slightly’stretchy.’ It comes in a variety of flavors, and according to locals, this sort of ice cream is created only in Alexandria and Greece. Try it in Bahary, near Qait Bey, near Makram, El-Sheikh Wafik, Azza, and “El Se’eedy.” The ice cream is priced between 1 and 5 LE.
  • Corn on the cob (dorra mashwey), accessible from street sellers bordering the Corniche.
  • Koshary, Egypt’s national meal, is available at restaurants across the city. A local custom is koshary topped with kibda Iskandarani—Alexandria-style liver with peppers.


Western fast-food brands such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and KFC can all be found at the city’s bigger malls, but there are also more intriguing choices.

  • Abo Fares (in front of Carrefour). Delicious Syrian food. 
  • Abou Shakra, Smouha Green Plaza (and other branches),  +20 3-4261777. Popular Egyptian chain serving traditional Egyptian grills such as shwarma (10 LE) and set dinners consisting of kebab/kofta, fries, and salad (25 LE).
  • Elite, 43 Sofia Zaghoul,  +20 3-4863592. Once a popular haunt of Alexandria’s elite, including D.H. Lawrence, Laurence Durrell, and Edith Piaf, the establishment has taken on the appearance of an American road diner, replete with vinyl seats and cracked white plastic tables. The staff remains fluent in French and properly snooty. Consider the plat du jour. 
  • Hosny, Gamal Abd El-Nasser St (El Mandara),  +20 3-5506655. Middle Eastern food. 
  • Pastroudis, 39, Al Horriya Road (Raml Station),  +20 3-3929609. 8AM-1AM.Bakery with a dessert and ice cream sideline.
  • Tekka Grill (Eastern Port, beside Diving Club). With views of the bay and Fort Qait Bey, this restaurant serves delectable Egyptian cuisine. Consider the shish kebab and wara’ el enab (stuffed vine leaves).
  • Balba’ (Sidi Bishr, or downtown in front of City Center Carrefour). Meat and seafood from Egypt In Alexandria and across the nation, there are just two Balbaa sites. The first is in Sidi Bishr, at the junction of Sidi Bishr and Malak Hefny Streets (across from the Montaza District offices and Sidi Bishr urban rail/Microbus station), while the second is on the city’s outskirts in the “Downtown” retail district. Although the one in “Downtown” is more popular, the one in Sidi Bishr is older; both sites, however, are excellent. It is famous for its delectable traditional Egyptian meat and poultry dishes, particularly kofta; they also dabble with Gulf cuisine. It also has a seafood department, and the seafood soup is quite delicious. Approximately 100 L.E per person.


Numerous high-end restaurants are found in Alexandria’s hotels.

  • Al-Farida Restaurant, El-Salamlek Palace Hotel,  +20 35-477999. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day and serves meals till 5 a.m. Italian and other cuisines are served in the castle garden, which overlooks the sea.
  • Al-Farouk Restaurant, El-Salamlek Palace Hotel,  +20 35-477999. Lunch is served from noon to 4 p.m., while supper is served from 8 p.m. to 1 a. French cuisine served at the former office of King Farouk in the palace.
  • Athineos Cafe, 21 Saad Zaghloul Sq (on the Corniche, near the Italian Consulate),  +20 3-4860421. The “Mermaid of Alexandria” is a local tale that Durrell and Cavafy both visit, although it has fallen far from its heyday. The vistas remain breathtaking, and the Greek patterns in the gilded friezes and stenciled paintings provide charm, but the cuisine is almost fully Arabized, despite the Greek titles on the menu: order souvlaki and you’ll get kebab.
  • Byblos, 399 El Geish Road (In the San Stefano Four Seasons Hotel),  +20 3 581-8000. 7PM – 1AM. Excellent cuisine and impeccable service. It’s well worth the investment for a high-quality Lebanese dining experience including delectable mezze meals. Vegetarians are properly catered for. Excellent wine list with a small selection of wines by the glass. Excellent position on the third floor with views of the Corniche; will be much better once the beach is completed. Allow at least 250 EGP for each participant. The pièce de résistance: a panoramic vista of the Mediterranean. 250 LE for each person.
  • Chez Gaby au Ritrovo, 22 El Horreya St. (Near Rami Station),  +20 3-4874404. 9PM-1AM. Since 1979, this may be the greatest Italian restaurant in town, providing pizza and pasta.
  • Dynasty Restaurant, 544 El Geish Avenue (Renaissance Alexandria Hotel), +20 35-483977. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day and serves meals till 5 a.m. The best Chinese restaurant in Alexandria.
  • Fish Market, El Gomrok Scout Club,  +20 3 4805114. Excellent food, with great views. The sea bass is excellent. 150 LE for each person.
  • Ibn al-Balad, Mustafa Kamel (Located right behind El-Salam Theatre). Restaurant with two levels. On the first level, they serve grilled meats, including their signature Ibn al-Balad fattah. The second story has a seafood restaurant. Without a doubt, this is a meat lover’s utopia. Between 50 to 150 L.E. each person.
  • La Veranda, 46 Saad Zaghloul. (Inside Patisserie Delices),  +20 3-4861432. Conveniently situated in the heart of “Old” Alexandria – Downtown Alexandria, between the Metropole and Sofitel hotels. La Veranda is Alexandria’s first true Greek & French restaurant. The quantities are generous and offer a homey vibe. Additionally, it is the only establishment in town that serves Ouzo. A spacious parking area is located just in front of the restaurant. La Veranda replaced Jardin Delices, a prominent spot in Alexandria that was frequented in the 1940s and 1950s by French, English, Italians, and Greeks. The old Alexandria is densely packed with posters. Per person, 100 LE.
  • Ole Cafe and Restaurant, Kafr Abdou Street, Roushdy. A fairly priced restaurant that specializes on Spanish food and dessert pastries. Consider the Beef Madrid. Wi-fi is complimentary. 50.- L.E. per person.
  • Pool Bar & Grill, 399 El Geish Road (In the San Stefano Four Seasons Hotel),+20 3 581-8000. 11:30AM – 1AM. This seasonal outdoor restaurant is surrounded by beautiful vegetation and offers spectacular views of an infinity-edge pool. After a refreshing swim, unwind with a small dinner at umbrella-shaded tables. Choose from a variety of nutritious snacks, sushi and sashimi, as well as unique drinks. The restaurant is only open during the summer. Seats 76, including six at the bar. Per person, 100 LE.
  • Stefano’s, 399 El Geish Road (In the San Stefano Four Seasons Hotel), +20 3 581-8000. 7PM – 1AM. This chic restaurant delivers an array of traditional Southern Italian specialities, including seafood. An intimate atmosphere is created by the open kitchen, elegant décor, and genuine Italian hospitality. Seats 60 people. Risotto and homemade pasta are house specialties. Formal or smart casual attire is acceptable. Possibly Alexandria’s greatest restaurant. Per person, 300 LE.
  • San Giovanni Restaurant, 205 El Gueish Ave (San Giovanni Hotel),  +20 3-5467775. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day and serves meals till 5 a.m. Fusion between the West with the East. Stanley beach views, live classical music presented nightly.
  • Fresca Café and Gelateria, 399 El Geish Road (In the San Stefano Four Seasons Hotel),  +20 3 581-8000. 11:30AM – 3AM. Fresca’s vibrant, colorful décor creates an informal atmosphere conducive to unwinding, relaxing, and enjoying a simple snack. This café, which overlooks a lively downtown street and the tranquil Mediterranean, caters to all moods. Cakes and ice cream are offered for take-out. Seats 92 inside and 124 outside. Try the ice cream and lasagna here. 150 LE for each person.
  • Sushi etc., 399 El Geish Road (In the San Stefano Four Seasons Hotel), +20 3 581-8000. 7PM – 1AM. Sushi etcSoutheast .’s Asian cuisine has vibrant flavors. Sushi etc. is ideal for a light lunch, supper, or snack and has peaceful views of the pool and Mediterranean Sea. Seating capacity is 66 200 LE per person.
  • Ottimo, Kafr Abdou 3 (next to Ole restaurant). A charming restaurant with a balcony

How To Travel To Alexandria

BY PLAIN El Nouzha Airport, Alexandria's primary airport, offers a limited number of domestic flights and reasonably wide service to destinations around the Middle East. However, the sole link to Europe is via Athens. The airport is located 8 kilometers (5 miles) south of the city. A cab ride should...

How To Get Around In Alexandria

You can travel pretty much everywhere in Alexandria by taking the local transport accessible along the Corniche. BY TAXI The city's yellow and black cabs are a convenient and inexpensive method to get around Alexandria. However, taxis will almost always refuse to utilize meters (the prices haven't changed in years), and drivers...

Districts & Neighbourhoods In Alexandria

Districts There are six districts in modern Alexandria: al-Montaza District: population 1,190,287Shark (Eastern Alexandria) District: population 985,786Wassat (Central Alexandria) District: population 520,450al-Amriya District: population 845,845Agamy (Western Alexandria) District: population 386,374al-Gomrok District: population 145,558 Metropolitan Alexandria is made up of two cities that are under the Alexandria governorate's jurisdiction: Borg Al-Arab city: population 186,900New...

Prices in Alexandria

Tourist (Backpacker) - 32 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:meals in cheap restaurant,public transport, cheap hotel. Tourist (Regular) - 104 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:mid-range meals and drinks, transportation, hotel. MARKET / SUPERMARKET Milk1 liter$0.90Tomatoes1 kg$0.43Cheese0.5 kg$4.00Apples1 kg$1.40Oranges1 kg$0.40Beer (domestic)0.5 l$0.90Bottle of Wine1 bottle$7.00Coca-Cola2 liters$0.86Bread1 piece$0.31Water1.5...

Sights & Landmarks In Alexandria

Historical monuments Citadel of Qaitbay, Ras el-Tin (yellow tram #25),  +20 3-4809144. 9AM-4PM. The stronghold, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the city itself, is one of the city's emblems and is situated in a lovely position. Built in 1477 AD by Mameluke Sultan Abdul-Nasser Qa'it Bay, it has been demolished and rebuilt thrice since...

Museums & Galleries In Alexandria

Alexandria National Museum, Latin quarter,  +20 3-4835519, +20 3-4838035. The History Museum houses over 1800 archaeological artifacts arranged chronologically: the basement is devoted to prehistoric and pharaonic times; the first floor is devoted to the Graeco-Roman period; and the second floor is devoted to the Coptic and Islamic eras, with an emphasis on...

Things To Do In Alexandria

Enjoy in the sun at Maa'moura or Montazah beaches. Summertime, the beaches are densely filled with Egyptian visitors, parasols, and plastic chairs, and admission costs LE 5 (2008). At this time of year, the sand and water may include some floating plastic. Certain sites charge LE 20 for additional...

Shopping In Alexandria

Numerous establishments seem to have established shopping hours. Winter hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Monday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Hours fluctuate throughout Ramadan, with many stores shutting on Sunday. Summer hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, 9 a.m....

Nightlife In Alexandria

Bars Visitors to today's Alexandria sometimes grumble that it's difficult to locate a nice drinking establishment, despite the fact that the city had a labyrinth of pubs and nightclubs 50 years ago. Spitfire Bar, Sa'ad Zaghloul St. Despite its prominent placement on the corner of a square on this bustling street, it's easy...

Festivals & Events In Alexandria

Numerous Alexandria festivities are religious in nature. They have a number of festivals and festivities that demonstrate their fervent faith in the deity they serve. Apart from religious festivals, they also have secular festivities like as public holidays and other occasions to showcase their vibrant culture and customs. You Belong,...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Alexandria

Despite the fact that crime is seldom serious, stay on the lookout for pickpockets and avoid flashing your belongings or wearing a bum bag/fanny pack. Tourists may be harassed by street children, taxi drivers, and others. After a couple of severe "La!"s, they typically stop. "La shukran!" (no thanks)...



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