Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Djibouti

AfricaDjiboutiThings To See in Djibouti
  • Lake Assal. Lake Assal is the world’s third lowest point, at 150 meters below sea level. You’ll need to rent a vehicle or contact a Djiboutian friend to take you there. Expect a bumpy ride: truck traffic between Djibouti and Ethiopia has wreaked havoc on the highways outside the city. The Devil’s Island and other spectacular vistas are seen from the route. Expect to be blown away.
  • Lake Abbe is one of the world’s most desolate locations, with limestone chimneys reaching 50 meters in height. Planet of the Apes was shot here, and it was characterized as lunar.
  • Scuba Diving — Despite the country’s dry terrain, many reefs off the shore are alive with life.
  • Sea Kayaking — Sea kayaking is an environmentally responsible method to experience the Gulf of Tadjoura and Ghoubet Kharrib, with the potential of seeing whale sharks and sea turtles.