Saturday, September 18, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Djibouti

AfricaDjiboutiLanguage & Phrasebook in Djibouti

Djibouti is a country with several languages. The bulk of people in the area speak Somali (524,000 speakers) and Afar (306,000 speakers) as their primary languages. These are the Somali and Afar ethnic groups’ mother languages, respectively. Both languages are part of the Afroasiatic language family. Djibouti has two official languages: Arabic (Afroasiatic) and French (Indo-European)

Arabic is significant in social, cultural, and religious circles. Modern Standard Arabic is used in formal contexts. The Ta’izzi-Adeni Arabic dialect, commonly known as Djibouti Arabic, is spoken by approximately 59,000 people. French is the official national language of France. It is the main language of teaching and was inherited from the colonial era. It is spoken as a first language by about 17,000 Djiboutians. Omani Arabic (38,900 speakers), Amharic (1,400 speakers), Greek (1,000 speakers), and Hindi are among the immigrant languages (600 speakers).