Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel Around Comoros

AfricaComorosHow To Travel Around Comoros

By plane

Inter Iles Air operates daily flights between Moroni, Anjouan, and Moheli. Their Moroni office is located near the Volo Volo Market.

By car

Cars may be rented for around €30 (about KMF15,000) per day on Grand Comore. It is also feasible to use cabs (the usual cost from the airport to Moroni is about €15) or hitchhike. If you hitchhike, particularly as a Caucasian tourist, you may be asked to pay a charge. Because the residents do not have access to public transportation and children must walk to and from school, visitors with a vehicle may want to consider assisting hitchhikers. The price of a bottle of petrol is less than €10.

By bus

There are no public buses on Grand Comore. The most popular form of public transportation is shared cabs.

By boat

There is a boat that runs from Chindini on Grand Comore’s southern shore to Hoani on Moheli’s northern coast. These are tiny fiberglass fishing boats with varying degrees of boat and motor condition. They should only be used on calm days, since people have been forced to dump their luggage into the water, and there have been reports of boats being lost. On calm days, though, these boats are usually safe to use. As of March 2008, the price is KMF8,500, although starting bids for foreigners will be KMF15,000. There is an extra KMF500 departure tax levied by the council.

Large ferries (two or three per week) from Moroni to Foumboni on Moheli are more convenient. Prices are set at KMF8,000 and are somewhat adjustable.

There are also two big catamaran boats that run many times a week between Moroni on the west coast of Grand Comore and Mutsamudu on Anjouan.