Saturday, September 18, 2021

Stay Safe & Healthy in Chad

AfricaChadStay Safe & Healthy in Chad

Stay Safe in Chad

Chad is always embroiled in political instability, and although rebel assaults are unlikely, they are definitely conceivable. The issue has stalled, but it still poses a danger. Sudan, a nation with which Chad shares conflicts, spills over into Eastern Chad as a result of the Darfur war. Outside of N’Djamena, any activity is tough at best. Northern Chad is a desolate, hot desert where guidance (and luck) are needed, as well as careful preparation. Boko Haram terrorists were seen in Chad in 2013.

N’Djamena is RELATIVELY safe, but be cautious of minor street crime and corrupt police/officials. The majority of border crossings are very tough (Sudan and Libya are not feasible options), while border crossings with Niger and Cameroon are reasonably easy.

Stay Healthy in Chad

Accepting water from any shop unless you know the brand is not a good idea. Consume only food purchased from grocery shops. Restaurants should be avoided whenever feasible. Avoid individuals who seem to be ill; Chad has a number of illnesses to be cautious of. If you are in Chad for an extended period of time, see a doctor once a month if you can afford it.

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