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How To Travel To Chad

AfricaChadHow To Travel To Chad

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By plane

Air France flies from Paris to N’Djaména on a daily basis. Ethiopia Airlines serves Addis Abeba, Turkish Airlines serves Istanbul, Royal Air Maroc serves Casablanca, Sudan Airways serves Khartoum, Egypt Air serves Cairo, and Camair-co serves Douala.

By car

Roads are in disrepair and are usually unpaved; there is presently just one paved road, which extends from Massakory in the north via N’Djamena to Guelendeng, Bongor, Kelo, and Moundou. Even though it is the finest road in the nation, it still has many potholes, and since it passes through the center of a lot of tiny towns, drivers should exercise care and limit speeds even while on the major route.

There are numerous border crossings with Cameroon, the most notable of which are at Kousseri in N’Djamena and at Bongor and Lere. Be very cautious, drive defensively, and avoid stopping until absolutely essential. Driving at night is not recommended since coupeurs de route (road robbers) are frequent. They are especially dangerous along the two highways going out of Guelendeng, towards Ba-Illi (where foreigners were assaulted in two separate instances in 2005, killing one Catholic nun) and towards Bongor.

Food & Drinks in Chad

Meat dishes are extremely popular in Chad, and international visitors enthuse about the meat (such as lamb). Food is often consumed without the use of utensils, thus hand sanitizer may be a prudent precaution. It is considered impolite by Muslims to eat with the left hand. When dining with...

Money & Shopping in Chad

Chad uses the Central African CFA franc (XAF). Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon also use it. While technically distinct from the Western African CFA franc (XOF), the two currencies are used interchangeably at par in all CFA franc (XAF &...

Culture Of Chad

Chad has a diverse cultural history as a result of its many peoples and languages. By establishing the Chad National Museum and the Chad Cultural Centre, the Chadian government has aggressively promoted Chadian culture and national traditions. Six national holidays are celebrated throughout the year, with the Christian holiday...

History Of Chad

Environmental factors in the northern part of Chadian land encouraged human settlement in the 7th millennium BC, and the area witnessed rapid population growth. Chad is home to some of the most significant African archaeological sites, primarily in the Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Region; some date back to before 2000 BC. The Chadian...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Chad

Stay Safe in Chad Chad is always embroiled in political instability, and although rebel assaults are unlikely, they are definitely conceivable. The issue has stalled, but it still poses a danger. Sudan, a nation with which Chad shares conflicts, spills over into Eastern Chad as a result of the Darfur...



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