Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Central African Republic

AfricaCentral African RepublicThings To See in Central African Republic

The country’s official museum, the Musée Ethnograhique Barthélémy Boganda in Bangui, contains a good collection of indigenous instruments, weaponry, tools, and exhibits concerning local customs, religion, and architecture.

Prehistoric rock drawings may be discovered in a variety of places, but Bambari has some of the finest.

The “Chutes de Boali,” a day excursion from the city, are a beautiful sequence of waterfalls that are much more spectacular during the rainy season.

Megaliths in concentric rings near the village of Bouar are relics of the CAR’s ancient peoples.

Local markets, like much of Africa, may be a visual feast, with a diverse array of crafts. Simply be cautious, since marketplaces in the CAR are plagued with both petty and violent thievery.